How To Web 2010, Bucuresti, 3-4 Noiembrie – un eveniment regional de referinta pentru industria online

How To Web 2010 – cel mai mare eveniment de antreprenoriat si tehnologie web din Europa de Est va fi organizata intre 3-4 noiembrie 2010 la Hotel Intercontinental in Bucuresti .

How To Web isi propune sa conecteze industria web din Europa de Est si, in particular, din Romania la industria Internet globala. Aceasta conectare se va face atat la nivel de informare, participantii la conferinta afland despre cele mai importante tendinte si noutati in domeniul web-ului global, dar si la nivel de conexiuni, antreprenorii online din Europa de Est putand gasi printre participantii la conferinta potential parteneri, colaboratori sau chiar investitori.

Printre vorbitorii internationali care si-au anuntat prezenta la eveniment se numara: Loic Le Meur (CEO Seesmic si Fondator Le Web), Ramu Yalamanchi (CEO Hi5), Reshma Sohoni (CEO Seedcamp), Mike Butcher (Redactor-sef TechCrunch Europe), Christopher Grew (Orrick), Alex Van Someren (UKTI), Katy Turner (Eden Ventures) si Alex Hoye (CEO Latitude).

Temele de discutie ale invitatilor se vor axa pe subiecte de interes pentru antreprenorii din zona tehnologiei web cum ar fi: inceputurile unei afaceri, finantarea acesteia, antreprenoriatul in Europa si oportunitati pentru acesta, cloud computing, servicii web, etc.

How To Web isi doreste sa schimbe la nivelul mentalitatii antreprenorilor romani din online este deschiderea catre proiecte cu target international.
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How helpful is SEO and what is Dofollow?

How will it help my SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Links pointing towards your site is vital for any sites SEO. Having backlinks from sites that are considered authority sites based on their PR will help you rank higher in the search engines. Not only will these links get you placed higher in all the major search engines, but it will sky rocket your own pagerank and website sales. What is Dofollow? Well there’s nofollow and dofollow. Nofollow links tell the search engines to not go any further and not give your site credit for the link that is placed. Dofollow … Continue reading How helpful is SEO and what is Dofollow?

What is an anchor text?

The next article is about what is an anchor text:

Anchor text is the visible piece of a hyperlink that is clickable. Anchor text is usually just a few words so that you can understand where the link will bring you when clicked. Some browsers will show anchors texts defferently but most of the major browsers will show you the full word and not “click here” or “link”.

An anchor text is used by the search engine algorithms and is weighted (ranked) because the linked text is more than likely related to the landing page.
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What are backlinks?

Being active in social media I receive different e-mails from people who just started online. This is the reason for considering necessary to publish some articles about basic terms. This one is about backlinks:

Backlinks are links that normally have an anchor text and they point towards your site giving you authority and popularity in the eyes of all the Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN.

Backlinks originally came about as a means of website navigation. Once the Search Engines picked up backlinking, backlinks turned into a staple for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get a website ranked higher.

No one knows to much about the Google Algorithm, but what we do know is that backlinks definitely help your website rank much higher in the major search engines. Getting a vast amount of backlinks over time is an indication of website popularity or the popularity of a page within your website. Also the pagerank of your backlinks is a factor in determining how important your site is.
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4 Major Reasons to Market Online

Today I found a very interesting article about 4 major reasons to market online:

Here are 4 major reasons why the Internet should be a significant part of your overall marketing strategy:

Reason # 1: People Are Spending MORE Money Online

According to a comScore research report, the number of people actually searching for products and services online increased by 21% in 2008. So the Internet is a growing trend and more and more of your prospects and customers likely to look for you

It’s convenient and a great way for them to save time and often save money too. Remember that a lot of people are time-poor in today’s hectic 24/7 society. Having more people searching for your product and service is one thing. The important question is: are they spending more money online? A comScore study reported that US e-commerce spending in 2008 reached a staggering $214.4 billion – a 7% increase over the previous year. So importantly, more people are spending more money online too – they’re not just lookie-loos and information seekers. They’ve got cash to spend and they’re going to spend it online
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Usability Workshop on Saturday @ Bucharest Hubb with Thomas Binder

On Saturday I attended at Bucharest Hubb a four hour workshop about usability presented by Thomas Binder. The content was very useful and I added new tools to my online marketing arsenal. I kindly recommend to take a look at his resources and recommandations:,, and Continue reading Usability Workshop on Saturday @ Bucharest Hubb with Thomas Binder

Social Networking tools on Facebook

I receive lots of questions from people around the world about how to start their Facebook journey so I decided to publish more on this topic. This article is related with the social networking tools on Facebook. Feel free to comment! What kind of tools can you use to do social networking on Facebook? At the beginning of your FB journey you receive a blank page. After you will define your experience on the site and set your own goals, you will want to choose the activities, applications, groups and networks that will help enhance this experience. The main tools … Continue reading Social Networking tools on Facebook

7 Steps System for Success in Information Products Business

The industry of selling information products – eBooks, physical books, downloadable books along with CD’s and DVD’s is one of the most interesting domains of activity. There is a huge overload of free and paid information about how you can get started. Actually, everything can be structured in 7 steps called the steps to success in Information Products Business: 1. Find a hungry market, people having a need, an urge, a problem waiting to be solved; 2. Figure out what the market wants through research – forums, blogs and others; 3. Establish your authority in this area – through articles … Continue reading 7 Steps System for Success in Information Products Business

Self SEO is an Option For Beginners in Search Engine Optimization

More and more people are attracted by the idea of starting an online business because this can be done even on a tight budget and can be started by almost anybody. OK, you upload a website or build a blog but there are several facts you should take into consideration: 1. You will need some skills in order to write the content to be able to be accepted and indexed by the search engines; 2. It will be needed to pick a list of keywords which will be associated with the website’s domain; 3. You will need links from other … Continue reading Self SEO is an Option For Beginners in Search Engine Optimization

Campanii Web 2.0 de la 3,000 eur chiar si pentru proiecte imobiliare?

Imi place foarte mult sa merg la targuri si expozitii atat ca expozant cat si ca vizitator. Cand aflu de ceva care ma intereseaza particip intr-una din cele doua calitati si de cele mai multe ori timpul este bine investit. In cazul in care particip ca expozant uneori sunt dezamagit, dar asa este in business. Ieri am vizitat Targul National Imobiliar la palatul Parlamentului si chiar vreau sa-i felicit pe organizatori ca au reusit sa pastreze alive acest targ chiar daca intre participanti erau mult pre multe banci si brokeri de credite raportat la numarul de agentii si dezvoltatori. Sau … Continue reading Campanii Web 2.0 de la 3,000 eur chiar si pentru proiecte imobiliare?

How Search Engines Work

You see it and use it multiple times throughout the day, but do you know how it works? Surprisingly, many webmasters severely lack knowledge about one of the most important aspects of the internet – the search engines! We all know they exist, we know people use them, and we know that they drive traffic to our websites. But few people actually carry an understanding about how they work. If you can educate yourself about the way search engines function, you’ll be more capable of optimizing your site properly. Search engines send automated “bots” to “crawl” the web through hyperlinks. … Continue reading How Search Engines Work

What Are Vlogs – Video Blogs?

Vlogs means a number of webpages where videos are published instead of articles. For Search Engine Optimization reasons, and also to be as explicit as possible they are accompanied by photos, text and even comments to be able to be categorised better. This trend came from two directions: 1. People prefer to deal with persons they know so a video appearance or pitch is much more effective than a text which can be written by anybody who wants to hide his identity. 2. The tone of communication through internet, especially due to the xplosion of social networks is more an … Continue reading What Are Vlogs – Video Blogs?