What is an anchor text?

The next article is about what is an anchor text:

Anchor text is the visible piece of a hyperlink that is clickable. Anchor text is usually just a few words so that you can understand where the link will bring you when clicked. Some browsers will show anchors texts defferently but most of the major browsers will show you the full word and not “click here” or “link”.

An anchor text is used by the search engine algorithms and is weighted (ranked) because the linked text is more than likely related to the landing page.

Search engines are devoted to giving users the most relevant websites to their search queries. This is why you need anchor text in your hyperlinks because all webmasters put relevant keywords into their hyperlinks in order for their visitors to know where they are going when clicking a link. Webmasters also place anchor text within their hyperlinks because it’s said that relevant anchors will increase your search engine rankings.

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