20 Golden Keys to Going Global

Recently I’ve decided to narrow the focus of my blog towards Entrepreneurship and to strive to add as much value possible to the ones aiming to have their own business or taking the existing one to the next level. One of the key issues for the local business these days is how to add new strings of income or even starting new ventures by exporting and/or importing.
Of course, imports and exports has to start with the basics and it is mandatory to have and master the newest information to get started properly.

Of course, there are hundreds and thousands of resources available online and also I recommend some academic stuff like a master or even an MBA but these are not mandatory. What is important is to gather the correct knowledge, apply and update it. I’ve stumbled two weeks ago upon a new guide called “20 Golden Keys to Going Global”which is a practical guide entitled for every entrepreneur who wants to start an import export business and business owners who want to expand into new markets.
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This is great info if you have tons of info to process

Can’t remember where you placed your car keys again? Already forgotten what you read just a few minutes ago?

Such situations often lead adults to conclude they’re on a downward spiral, that their aging brains just aren’t as agile as they used to be.

Neural connections that convey information do weaken with age and disuse, reports New York Times health editor Barbara Strauch. However, contrary to popular belief, research shows your brain can continue to develop as you grow older, building neural connections that help you recognize patterns, better see the “big picture,” and achieve deeper understanding of complex issues.
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Usability Workshop on Saturday @ Bucharest Hubb with Thomas Binder

On Saturday I attended at Bucharest Hubb a four hour workshop about usability presented by Thomas Binder. The content was very useful and I added new tools to my online marketing arsenal. I kindly recommend to take a look at his resources and recommandations: thomasantonbinder.com, twitter.com/tangoalphabravo, facebook.com/tangoalphabravo and tangoalphabravo.com. Continue reading Usability Workshop on Saturday @ Bucharest Hubb with Thomas Binder

Follow-up primul curs social media pentru companii

La prima editie a acestui curs am avut cursanti din urmatoarele domenii de activitate: imobiliare, wellness, software de gestiune, educatie (invatamant superior), organizare evenimente, auto (import si service) si media (televiziune). Diversitatea de domenii a facut ca momentele de discutii pe anumite subiecte sa creeze plus valoare pentru toti participantii, inclusiv subsemnatul. Concluzia si care este de fapt motorul care a facut ca acest curs sa ia nastere este ca indiferent de domeniul in care activam, este foarte important sa stim cum sa ne promovam prin social media si sa cunoastem resursele pe care le putem utiliza pentru a ne … Continue reading Follow-up primul curs social media pentru companii

What Are Vlogs – Video Blogs?

Vlogs means a number of webpages where videos are published instead of articles. For Search Engine Optimization reasons, and also to be as explicit as possible they are accompanied by photos, text and even comments to be able to be categorised better. This trend came from two directions: 1. People prefer to deal with persons they know so a video appearance or pitch is much more effective than a text which can be written by anybody who wants to hide his identity. 2. The tone of communication through internet, especially due to the xplosion of social networks is more an … Continue reading What Are Vlogs – Video Blogs?

Cursul OPEN Social Media pentru Companii

Retelele sociale reprezinta cel mai mare fenomen din istoria Internetului. Petrecem din ce in ce mai mult timp accesand Facebook, Twitter sau Linkedin iar clientii si potentialii nostri clienti si-au creat deja conturi in aceste retele sau isi vor crea in viitorul apropiat. Cursul OPEN Social Media pentru Companii este un workshop interactiv destinat specialistilor in vanzari si marketing, directori de resurse umane, middle si top management din companii romanesti si straine. Primul curs se va desfasura pe data de 23 aprilie, intre orele 9.00 – 17.00 la Hotelul Howard Johnson din Bucuresti. Programul cursului: 9.00 – 9.15 – Ice … Continue reading Cursul OPEN Social Media pentru Companii

Topul celor mai bune programe de MBA si EMBA pe piata locala

Cel mai bun program de master de business de pe piata locala este cel al austriecilor de la WU Executive Academy, potrivit celei de-a treia editii a Top MBA, editat de ZF, care apare astazi pe piata. Top MBA este singurul clasament de acest tip de pe piata locala si a fost realizat pe baza a aproximativ 300 de raspunsuri ale absolventilor de programe de master de business de anul trecut. Topul celor mai bune programe de MBA si EMBA pe piata locala 1 EMBA WU Executive Academy 2 EMBA ASEBUSS 3 EMBA CEU Business School* 4 MBA INDE/CNAM Paris … Continue reading Topul celor mai bune programe de MBA si EMBA pe piata locala

Training pentru agentii imobiliari

Cat de mare este nevoia de training pentru noii agenti imobiliari care doresc sa testeze acest domeniu in plina criza? Pai, sa ne gandim: In primul rand, orice agent imobiliar este interfata dintre agentie si client. In functie de cat de bine se prezinta agentul, pune intr-o lumina buna sau nu compania si managementul ei. Hai sa spunem ca in cazul clientilor de retail care cumpara cate o casa, teren, etc. in 2007 firmele isi mai puteau permite sa rateze cate un client fiindca imediat aparea altul in loc, doar ca acum situatia se prezinta foarte diferit. Firmele serioase tineau … Continue reading Training pentru agentii imobiliari

Traininguri Microsoft

Una din liniile de business la care lucram de mai bine de 2 ani este dezvoltarea de proiecte web – Bloguri, site-uri, etc. Le dezvoltam pentru noi sau pentru alti clienti, avand o echipa de specialisti si consultanti din mai multe colturi ale lumii care lucreaza impreuna utilizand skype si alte modalitati de comunicare. Incet, incet, aceasta activitate pornita din dorinta de a avea control asupra proprietatilor noastre virtuale s-a transformat intr-o veritabila agentie Web cu un portofoliu care creste in fiecare saptamana. De la sfarsitul anului trecut beneficiem de accesul la programe specializate pentru agentii web tinere organizate de … Continue reading Traininguri Microsoft