RE/MAX Premium Property Days 10 – 11 Noiembrie 2011

Magazinul BoConcept din Baneasa va gazdui pentru 2 zile, pe 10 si 11 Noiembrie 2011 evenimentul RE/MAX Premium Property Days in care asociati de vanzari cu experienta din reteaua multinationala RE/MAX vor raspunde la intrebari si vor consilia in mod gratuit clienti interesati de a achizitiona sau vinde proprietati imobiliare. Continue reading RE/MAX Premium Property Days 10 – 11 Noiembrie 2011

Which are the Top Retirement Havens for 2011?

Established in 2008, Live and Invest Overseas is the vision of Publisher Kathleen Peddicord. I am proud to be among the contributors to her online venture just before the launch in 2008 and you can see the full list of experts and contributors here. I am inspired by the international real estate and Live and Invest Overseas was one of the reasons why I invested recently in developing my real estate agency as aRE/MAX franchise.

Kathleen Peddicord has covered the live and invest overseas beat for more than 25 years and is considered the world’s foremost authority on overseas retirement. She has traveled to more than 50 countries, invested in real estate in 17, established businesses in 7, renovated historic properties in 6, and educated her children in 4.

Kathleen has moved children, staff, enterprises, household goods, and pets across three continents, from the East Coast of the United States to Waterford, Ireland…then to Paris, France…and, most recently, to Panama City, where she, her husband Lief Simon, and their young son currently make their home and base their Live and Invest Overseas business.

Kathleen writes a weekly retire-overseas blog for U.S. News & World Reports and is regularly quoted by The New York Times, Money magazine, the AARP, and beyond. She has written innumerable books (including a new one for Penguin Books released in March 2010), reports, and essays on where and how you can escape the retirement-tromping economy at home and live like royalty on a modest budget…invest for profits overseas ahead of the crowds…and secure your dream retirement in the world’s best destinations.
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The Survivor Effect–It Couldn’t Happen To A More Deserving Spot

One of my favorite places on earth will be getting a lot of positive attention starting later this month when “Survivor” begins filming its 21st season in and around San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Then, for 14 weeks this fall, some 13 million U.S. households will tune in to CBS every Wednesday night to watch 20 Survivorists tromp around the Nicaraguan jungles.

This is a big deal for a little country like Nicaragua. I’ve seen the effects of this kind of thing in the past. When “Temptation Island,” for example, aired its Isla Bonita season filmed on Ambergris Caye, Belize, suddenly, overnight, this outpost of divers and fishermen was a household name.

The Temptation Island Effect created a new and higher-end (US$1 million-plus) market on this formerly unnoticed Caribbean island, the vestiges of which I viewed recently. All along Ambergris’ white-sand coast today are condo developments built to supply the Temptation Island viewers who, having been introduced to this island paradise in prime time, wanted to claim a little piece of it for themselves. How cool it became to be able to say, “I’m going down to spend a week on the beach at my place on Ambergris Caye…you know, the island off Belize where ‘Temptation Island’ was filmed…”
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Back Home In The City Of Light

We’re moving slowly this morning.

After about 18 hours of travel, we arrived at Charles de Gaulle to find (quelle surprise) the French airport workers were en greve (that is, on strike). We waded through hundreds of people to make it to the immigration line…where we waited more than an hour to be admitted to the country.

Then, outside, we joined those same hundreds of people waiting for taxis to take us all into the city.

Then, on the highway…mon dieu…rush-hour traffic. Another hour-and-a-half later, we arrived finally at the little apartment on rue de Verneuil that the kids, traveling with us, remember as home.
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How To Get The Best Deal On Every Global Real Estate Investment You Make

A friend in Europe called this week to ask if I thought my Marketwatch members would be interested in bank foreclosure deals in Mediterranean countries. My friend has been active as a broker and developer in Spain and Croatia for more than a dozen years and has contacts elsewhere in Europe, as well.

I assured him that, yes, this is the kind of opportunity I’m keen to bring my Marketwatch members, and I’m reviewing details for a forthcoming Marketwatch report now.

The kinds of extreme bargains my Euro-market contact is telling me about are available in many markets right now. The key is locating them. You won’t find these kinds of deals on the Internet. You have to have “boots on the ground,” as they say, either your own or those of a reliable contact (like my friend), someone active in the market where you’re shopping.
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How To Maximize Your Returns In One Of The World’s Most Solid Rental Yield Markets

The rental market in Paris has shifted. Last year, when the euro was strong, tourism was down. The short-term rental market suffered.

Today, the Greenback has about 20% more buying power in this part of the world than it did a year ago. Tourism is up sharply, and short-term rentals are back in demand.

Meantime, thanks to la crise, as the French refer to it, many apartment owners in this city have been struggling. With fewer tourists on the scene over the past 18 months or so, landlords did what they could to attract long-term tenants. Business people flow steadily through this city, often with their families in tow during their 3-, 6-, or 12-month placements. More apartment owners fighting to attract a piece of this executive rental pool has translated into falling pricing. Mid- and long-term rental rates are down and more competitive than they’ve been in a long time.
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The Other Key To Making Your Retire Overseas Dreams Come True

After cost of living and housing, the question of foreign residency options is a key one to consider as you make your retire-overseas plans.

The truth is, not every country welcomes foreign residents or retirees, and, in those that do, the requirements for qualifying for residency status vary greatly. Furthermore, some countries (for example, Panama) offer many different options for establishing permanent residency.

A local attorney can detail all the possibilities for you, and, in most cases, I recommend you use a local attorney to process the associated paperwork for the visa you choose to apply for. It’s worth the minimal expense, and it saves you the effort of trying to wade through the related red tape in a foreign language. In some cases (again, in Panama, for example), an attorney’s help is not only advisable but required.
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Your Second Home In France (Could Cost As Little As 45,000 Euro)

“Last evening,” writes France Correspondent Lucy Culpepper, “we sat in the spring sunshine on the main square in Cessenon-sur-Orb watching the swallows dipping and diving over the roof tiles. “As the family relaxed, I took a look in the window of the local real estate agent’s office. He has some interesting small ‘vacation’ homes on the market. If you are contemplating France as a second or even third home, these could be of interest. “For example, I saw a listing for an 80-square-meter village* stone house with a wonderful view toward the river and the mountains of the Haut Languedoc, … Continue reading Your Second Home In France (Could Cost As Little As 45,000 Euro)

The Languedoc Versus The Béarn–Contrasting The Glories Of French Country Springtime

“I’m over in the Languedoc region of the ‘other’ south of France,” writes Correspondent from that country Lucy Culpepper. “As we drove from the Béarn in the Pyrenees Atlantic department on the west coast of France to the Languedoc department on the east, following the line of the Pyrenees Mountains, I was particularly struck, this springtime, by the contrast of the two regions. The early maize is starting to poke through the dark chocolate-colored Atlantic Pyrenees soils; it is verdant and abundantly green with every type of deciduous tree coming into leaf. “As we drove east, the soils gradually changed … Continue reading The Languedoc Versus The Béarn–Contrasting The Glories Of French Country Springtime

Brass Tacks–How To Budget Your New Life Overseas

How much will it cost you to live in the overseas Shangri-la that’s calling your name? The bulk of any budget is given over to housing–rent or a mortgage, if you have one–so start here. Are you going to rent or to buy? I strongly recommend that you rent at least at first, for 6 to 12 months, to give yourself a chance to try the place on for size before committing. However, if you do eventually decide to invest in a home of your own, recognize that property ownership comes with carrying costs. As a home-owner, you’ll have maintenance … Continue reading Brass Tacks–How To Budget Your New Life Overseas