How to sell physical products over JVZoo

JVZoo is one of the most popular affiliate platforms available today and while many online business owners have seen great success in selling digital products over JVZoo, physical products still have and do sell inside the marketplace.

This post will cover what you need to consider before deciding to create, or even launch a physical product over the platform.

1. What is a physical product?

A physical product is essentially anything that can be delivered to your customer offline, and is therefore the opposite of a digital product. Here I’ve written an entire post about how to be successful with digital products. A physical product will have a lag time between when a customer pays for it, and when they receive it physically in their hands. A physical product most typically will be a paperback or hardcover book, a series of DVDs or CDs with training on them your customer can watch on their computer or TV, a series of printed reports, a physical ticket or invitation to an event, a software hosted on a CD that the customer must use to download a secured software or program onto their computer, or any other physical item you can post in a parcel or letter to your customer. The most popular product you’re likely to come across online in general is a physical book; paperback or hardcover. These sometimes carry more value than an ebook because of the physical “I am holding something I purchased” feeling your customer will receive when they hold it. Even though we’re in the age of the internet, many still prefer to read and make notes in a physical book they can touch.


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If you want to sell digital products and become really successful read this!

I sold my first digital product in the summer of 2009 and by the same time I did my first affiliate commission – a hefty $50. This may not seem much but these two events showed my a new path I followed since then building several successful projects in this space.

The information age has been a blessing to the online market. Every single day, millions of people around the world turn to the internet to find answers to problems they have. So many products have been created, aimed at helping people on a daily basis – whether it’s to help with their health, beauty tips, dating advice, how to train their dog, make money online, use Facebook, and so on.

One of the key benefits of JVZoo (a very popular affiliate marketing platform) is its marketplace that allows to sell both digital and physical products. While physical products are a big part of our every day lives, many still opt to read a book or use a tool online or on their desktop. If you have a digital product, JVZoo is a fantastic place to launch it on and sell long term.


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New Technology to Challenge Blockchain – Bitcoin Vulnerable

A provisional patent has been granted for a new technology that will challenge Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain technology used in cryptocurrencies. This technology, called RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents), is only the second technology (the Blockchain being the first) to solve the physical integrity problem presented by digital currencies.

RAIDA is superior in every way to the Blockchain, and a new currency – CloudCoin – has been created. CloudCoin transacts in milliseconds (Bitcoin in 40 minutes), CloudCoin is 100% anonymous (Bitcoin is pseudonymous), and CloudCoin does not require encryption (Bitcoin requires massive computational resources, storage space and electricity). CloudCoin is the first currency in human history that cannot be counterfeited or lost. Bitcoin “mining” is actually counterfeiting used to support infrastructure. CloudCoin is self-funded.  Continue reading “New Technology to Challenge Blockchain – Bitcoin Vulnerable”

Book of the week Russell Conwell Acres of Diamonds

I believe most of us want to achieve more and feed our mind with only the good stuff. And an amazing way to achieve this is through reading more books. Starting this week because anyway I read in average one book per week I will post here and in my social media accounts every week a short business or personal development book review.

The purpose of my effort is to kick you in the butt to actually read more and develop yourself. For this week I’ve chosen to start with Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell.


Russell Herman Conwell (February 15, 1843 – December 6, 1925) was an American Baptist minister, orator, philanthropist, lawyer, and writer. He is best remembered as the founder and first president of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as the Pastor of The Baptist Temple, and for his inspirational lecture, Acres of Diamonds. He was born in South Worthington, Massachusetts, and was buried in the Founder’s Garden at Temple University.

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Better than Fiverr: New website to find freelancers for Marketing, Graphics & Design, SEO, Programming & Tech, Audio & Video starting with 3$ a gig

I believe most of you reading this blog post already have a website or a blog for business or personal and from time to time you may need small services which require skills you don’t have and also I believe that you don’t want to break your bank account in the process.


Recently I’ve found an amazing website with services for:

– All in Marketing
– Web Analytics
– Domain Research
– Social Media Marketing
– Web Traffic
– Video Advertising
– Content Marketing
– Email Marketing
– Local Listings
– Influencer Marketing
– Marketing Stratey
– Mobile Advertising
& Others

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24 Steps to create the ideal buyer persona – Today (initially published on

If you follow me for a while you may already know that I am huge fan of writing and recently became a contributor to which allows me to share great ideas with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world. The first article was about a subject which really can make or break a business: creating the ideal buyer persona which really is a simple and straightforward process if you follow my 24 steps.

So many startup founders are thinking about how to attract investments to their venture before brainstorming about the economic viability of their idea. An essential step for this is to figure out who will be the potential buyers for the company’s products or services.

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Tecademics video tour of the new 25,000 sf HQ in North Scottsdale, AZ

Here’s an exciting video tour of the new 25,000 sf Tecademics HQ in North Scottsdale, AZ.

Now you can get free access to +30 trainings in Tecademics Internet Marketing Training Center – click here!  and also apply for Ecom Incubator where you can spend 25 days working on YOUR ecom business in Tecademics office with Tecademics team of experts – click here!

Here is an overview of the Ecom Incubator Program and the Done For You Sites Tecademics is helping you with!

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The Election Day: What the economical and political news mean for different categories of people

I believe that The Election Day is a very important event and besides all the media ups and downs all candidates want what’s the best for the present and the future of US. I don’t vote there, but many of my clients are US citizens so they vote or at least they should vote. I have 0 interest in politics and always I’m looking for the short, medium and long term effects of the political decisions in any given territory.
I was from the start a supporter of Mr. Donald Trump due to the fact that his life story inspired me to go further and grow as an entrepreneur in spite of all obstacles. I’ve never met him in person but I believe this will happen at a certain moment in the future.
If I go back like eight years ago I remember a huge paradigm shift in United Stated: for the first time they elected a president with a chocolate like skin. And while writing this article I enjoy a dark chocolate and I simply love it. I grew up with Yo Mtv Raps, Eric B. and Rakim, Public Enemy and Ice-T and I still remember the rhymes where it was just at the level of wishful thinking the fact that someday the US could have a black president. And this was happened two mandates ago. I’ve never met Mr. Obama either but I’ve read about his working habits and he is one of the few hard rock persistent persons who do everything in their powers to make goals a reality and impact millions in a positive way.

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MyStartApp – product launch and JV announcement 15th of August at 3PM EST

MyStartApp – 5 minutes mobile apps goes live on 15th of August 2016 @3PM EST with a PLF style prelaunch campaign going live on 8th of August 2016 @3PM EST. We’ll allocate also a reasonable budget on FB Ads promoting the naked links! We moved this launch from mid June to August because it is not a fly by night product but one having already +1,000 members and we were not ready to scale everything with minimum crashes. The platform is a beautiful and powerful Mobile App Builder for non tech people with zero coding required, awesome training and marketing resources, more … Continue reading MyStartApp – product launch and JV announcement 15th of August at 3PM EST

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich’s 13 Principles of Success

I came across Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich in 2010 and I’ve read it entirely during four flights – Bucharest – London – Isle of Man and return. At that time I didn’t understand much from it – probably my mind wasn’t really prepared to digest that kind of information. But I came back to the book more than once since then and slowly, slowly I started to actually process the information. Based on that experience I am able to help my coaching clients to have a simple method of digesting rapidly this type of information despite the obvious resistance from the mind. But this is not the subject of this article. To cut the story short, Napoleaon Hill worked for 25 years to create this amazing book which can be found for free all over the internet and collected here the success principles he could find after studying and interviewing where this was possible the most successful 500 Americans of all times. You can download the ebook here (3rd party website, no optin is required).

What I can say is that those principles are like The Law of Gravity – they work no matter if you believe in them or not. So almost everytime when I am down especially from the professional point of view I come back to these principles seeking the missing link – what I did wrong. How you can benefit from these principles? Well, you can use them as a Map in the Gps of your life and guide your thoughts, visions and actions using them.

1 (2)

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The story of my first Convertri page and Andrew Fletcher’s interview

Yesterday in the afternoon I was a bit down due to the amount of things scheduled to complete and I really needed a break. In the meantime I had scheduled an interview with Andrew Fletcher, the creator of Convertri, a new platform allowing very fast building for optin pages, sales pages and funnels without technical skills.

During the interview Andrew started to play with the software so I actually had my first page built with it:

adrian awesome

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Faster Capital’s fourth round of funding open for start-ups worldwide

FasterCapital (a virtual incubator based in Dubai, UAE) has launched its fourth round of funding for 2016 which has begun on 15th of July, 2016 and ends on 16th of August, 2016. The last round of funding has attracted more than 4000 entrepreneurs from more than 84 countries. More than 100 startups were accepted into the acceleration program.

FasterCapital hopes the message will reach wider audience of dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who seek both capital and incubation. Each startup goes through three level of assessment: Business, Financial and technical. The study will be communicated back to the entrepreneurs so that they can take our feedback in the development of their startup.

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