Social Media Success in Real Life

Social Media is a tool. It makes it easier to communicate and engage with a large number of people across a very wide geographic area. Social Media is not the goal.

Now that’s actually really important so let me say it again, ‘Social Media is NOT the goal!” Having 50,000 Facebook Fans means squat if none of them visit your site or buy your product. Businesses operate to make money, not friends. That’s why real social media success can only come once you leave social media behind and enter the world of IRL.

Social media IRL, as the kids say, simply means ‘In Real Life’ or ‘offline’ or, more appropriate for the marketing world, ‘where things get bought’. Businesses use social media to engage with other brands or clients, to research buying decisions, to ask questions, to watch videos of cats and to meet new people. What they don’t do is hand over money for goods and services. Why? Because they can’t. Outside of being able to buy more cows for your Farmville, there simply isn’t the functionality to make large B2B purchases via social media. This is almost guaranteed to change over the coming years but for now, the purchase always takes place on a company website, by phone or in person – IRL.
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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

I say over and over again that LinkedIn has the biggest income per user from all social networking sites. You should include Linkedin in your social media framework because here you can find the most important entrepreneurs, managers and professionals. LinkedIn is a network that you should visit daily for professional development — whatever your employment status may be.

Is your LinkedIn profile ready to be seen by others? Here are ten suggestions to give you instant LinkedIn cred.

linkedin-logo (3)

1. Upload a decent photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo sets the tone for everything else a viewer will experience on your page — just like or Instagram. Except LinkedIn isn’t or Instagram. It’s the world’s largest professional network. So that means:
•No blurry photos
•No photos of you cropped out of a group shot
•No photos of you at a ball park (unless you’re gunning to work for one)
•No avatars
•And for goodness sake, no selfies! (That’s mobile camera speak for self-portraits.)

If you don’t have money for a professional photographer, get a family member, roommate, or neighbor to take your photo against a solid colored wall. Try a few standing, then some sitting down. Get a few with a formal shirt, a few with a “business casual” top.

Or consider the low-cost approach I took: bartering with a photographer for your services or product. This was by far the best deal I made in my first year of business! Continue reading “10 Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile”

3 Things Social Media Managers Can Learn From Top Management

As learning is an ongoing process, first, we see a lot of articles about what managers can learn from social media. As social media is rather a new science, management is a much older one. Vice-versa, what social media managers can learn from top management? Of course, most of the basic management principles apply to social media because of their similarity. Actually, they are both centered towards the actions of people you can’t quite control but are able to influence.


1. It is not about what you can do but instead about what you can inspire others to do. Management success is not measured on individual results but instead on the results of the people you influence. Still most companies have their social media managed solely by fairly low-level employees who have only recently completed their studies. While studying people are mostly measured on individual results (exams, SAT scores…) and competing with each other instead of collaborating with them. In social media results are measured based on the actions of others (such as sharing, liking or commenting), which requires influence and the ability to motivate others that many social media managers still lack. Continue reading “3 Things Social Media Managers Can Learn From Top Management”

LinkedIn is Raising $1Bn; Could Acquisition Be In Store?

LinkedIn-Logo (2)LinkedIn, which already has $873 million of cash and short-term investments sloshing around, now is seeking to raise an extra $1 billion by selling freshly issued stock. What’s behind the fund-raising binge? Lots of possibilities — with acquisitions being the most interesting idea.

In a news release, LinkedIn ticked off all the standard, vague reasons that companies cite for raising more money. The Mountain View, Calif.-based social network for professionals says it wants to increase its financial flexibility and “further strengthen its balance sheet.” It adds that it might use the money for working capital, expanding its already hefty product development and field-sales teams, expanding abroad, general administrative matters, or
capital expenditures.

LinkedIn also says it may use some of the money for “potential strategic acquisitions of, or investments in, complementary businesses, technologies or other assets.” So far in its 10-year history, LinkedIn has done occasional small acquisitions, but nothing all that big. It paid $119 million for SlideShare last year, and $90 million for Pulse (a mobile news feed app-maker) earlier this year. Doubtless there are lots more venture-funded startups that wouldn’t mind negotiating a sale that would give them ready cash — and access to LinkedIn’s 238 million members.
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How to get more clicks from your links in the Youtube video description boxes below your videos

  Youtube is the world’s 2nd search engine and video marketing is one of the most important marketing medium. The generations X nd Y need more photo and video content than text and they are used to learn new things this way. The tips are provided by Rick Hodge, online marketer and one of my JV partners:   #1. It’s important to remember that people have a short attention span. So it’s important to keep videos short if your intention is to get the link below clicked. #2. Point out your link below with annotations, watermark, arrows in the video, … Continue reading How to get more clicks from your links in the Youtube video description boxes below your videos

Inspiratie si excelenta cu echipa

Am vorbit despre social media in fata a cateva mii de persoane in cadrul conferintelor, workshop-urilor, webinariilor si trainingurilor la care am avut onoarea sa particip ca speaker sau trainer. Si pe zi ce trece imi place tot mai mult. Continue reading Inspiratie si excelenta cu echipa

The benefits of social media marketing conducted a study this year on the benefits of social media marketing among a significant number of online marketers. The conclusions? 85% of them gained more exposure for their business, followed by increasing traffic to the website promoted (63%). 56% revealed the fact that social media activity brought them new business partnerships, 54% were helped by social media to increase the rise in the search rankings, 52% generated qualified leads, 48% sold more products/ services and 48% had savings in the overall marketing budget. Social Media has not to be seen as a medium where you can advertise your … Continue reading The benefits of social media marketing

Social Networking tools on Facebook

I receive lots of questions from people around the world about how to start their Facebook journey so I decided to publish more on this topic. This article is related with the social networking tools on Facebook. Feel free to comment! What kind of tools can you use to do social networking on Facebook? At the beginning of your FB journey you receive a blank page. After you will define your experience on the site and set your own goals, you will want to choose the activities, applications, groups and networks that will help enhance this experience. The main tools … Continue reading Social Networking tools on Facebook