An important secret which can save a life and more than one

As promised, I come back with a very powerful and in the same time controversial information.

Look, if we as human beings are like ships then the conscious mind is the captain – setting up the direction (20% of the control over our life and future) and the subconscious mind is the machine hall (80% of the control over our life and future). So what happens is that the captain will setup the direction – I want to have one million dollars, I want to have this and have that and the machine hall (it doesn’t actually see the destination) will execute the command.

conscious and subconscious mind

It is crucial to understand how to actually send command to our subconscious mind because the danger is that we can send the wrong ones.

I spoke with many of my friends and stidents from seminars and workshops about the importance of knowing how to give command to the subconscious mind and also to cancel and replace other commands. Because we can give wrong orders and we don’t even know that we placed them. There is always a positive or negative emotion associated with any order we give to our subconscious mind. Continue reading “An important secret which can save a life and more than one”

10 Real Life issues I’ve learned from training +2900 students in marketing and social media marketing

Back in the days, my biggest AHA moments related to my personal development happened during internet marketing events and conferences. There, among highly successful marketers and entrepreneurs found many answers to my questions about life. This being said, later I took a decision: to start every of my marketing and social media marketing training or workshop and overall any business related one with 30 to 60 minutes of pure personal development knowledge – the essence of what I’ve learned in the last 10 years.

entrepreneur in the business of life

Of course, this information is not for everybody. Some students are well prepared to receive it, others are excited and take action immediatly and others are simply bored … so it is not for them. Continue reading “10 Real Life issues I’ve learned from training +2900 students in marketing and social media marketing”

Free video gift Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret

I am happy to share with you today a video gift:

Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret

earl nightingale

This was the first recording out of entertainment industry which was sold in more than 1 million copies. It was recorded back in 1959 and it is considered the first spark which ignited the personal development industry and helped it to become what is it today:

I received many messages from you, the lovely members of this community asking for more personal development content so I am keen to deliver the best resources available.

The core idea of this video is that “We become what we think about” and it contains a 30 day challenge any of us can start today.

We are not aware of how important are in your life the beliefs we have and some of them are so rooted in our mind that they really shape our life and sometimes in the wrongest directions available.

I will give you just one example: if you read the statistics let’s say about a certain disease saying that one out of every two people will have that disease in the next 5 years you tend to believe it and practically invite the disease in your life.

Do you want more? Let’s say that you read other statistics saying that in average men die at let’s say 65 years old. Do you even think of living 80 or 100 years? Is such a belief different than 40 is the new 20? Yes, you bet.

“Managing” our beliefs is one of the most important steps we can make towards personal development and becoming today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

Enjoy the video, apply the challenge and comment to this post with your thoughts on the subject and what kind of personal development content you want to find here.

Continue reading “Free video gift Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret”

Meet Geoff, Ozana and yours truly in London on 9th of March – Build Your Sales Funnel Masterclass (free event)

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional service providers – come and meet Ozana Giusca, Geoff Alexander and your truly on 9th March, in Central London, to learn how to build your sales funnel and generate hot leads on autopilot.
It is a FREE event. Join us & discover how to increase your visibility within your target audience and attract your best clients like bees to honey.

Sales Funnel Masterclass
Sales Funnel Masterclass

During The Event You’ll Discover How to…

– Package your knowledge & make money without the pain of selling
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– Avoid 3 deadly mistakes most small businesses make when trying to attract clients
– Stay away from the one habit that loses small businesses 70% of their sales

Just as the economy is rapidly changing, so are your clients’ purchasing habits.
What worked before to attract clients & generate business doesn’t work anymore.
Join this talk, packed with strategies to enable you to be visible to your right audience
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… so you can stop chasing new clients & enjoy your business!
Because clients will be chasing YOU! Continue reading “Meet Geoff, Ozana and yours truly in London on 9th of March – Build Your Sales Funnel Masterclass (free event)”

10 strategies to grow your online presence, generate leads, clients and develop your business that will work in 2015

Along with the team from Web Future, a web development agency with offices in New York, Bucharest and soon in London – mid January 2015, we created what we consider to be one fo the most useful reads these days.

The first weeks of the New Year mark a new beginning, a new chance for an amazing period of 12 months which can take any business far, far away. We at Web Future assist companiesfrom all over the world in managing their online businesses, the kid of the Twentieth Century as a vehicle for business growth. One of the most common questions we get besides: “I want you to build an Amazon for me, how much is it?” is “how I generate more leads, clients and grow my business using your services, guys?”

Based on that and considering that we already know what works and what doesn’t work we thought of sharing our knowledge with the marketplace in ten strategies as a “thank you” for an amazing year highlighting the 20% to focus on, to generate 80% of the results in 2015.

Web Future Solutions 2015 predictions
Web Future Solutions 2015 predictions

The internet is more than ever the marketing environment used by people and companies to “push the humanity forward” how we like to call it. Day in and day out all of us can create amazing content, offer free information, launch products, issue vouchers, test new ideas and ask ourselves: “what’s next?”. No matter if a company is just at the start-up founded using bootstrapping from the kitchen table level or an established corporation the internet became for all of them the playfield where they can find the next lead and customer or to be approached by them as a result of advertising and content published. You, dear customer and explorer of the beauty called the internet, are the reason why we are doing what we are doing so the 10 strategies are dedicated to YOU. Have a great 2015, everybody! Continue reading “10 strategies to grow your online presence, generate leads, clients and develop your business that will work in 2015”

Black Friday in Personal Development – Join Mindvalley Prime at an amazing discount – Black Friday Only

It was early 2013 when I started to use meditation in my personal development schedule as an almost daily routine. Usually in the morning, before or after the regular workout I use various meditation resources to go deep inside, reprogram my subconscious mind and build the life how I wanted to be. Continue reading Black Friday in Personal Development – Join Mindvalley Prime at an amazing discount – Black Friday Only

The best 17 everyday habits of highly productive people

From the whole personal development stuff I have to say that I like the most peak performance, meaning the ideas, strategies and habits that allow some of us to perform beyond the imagination.

As I am between the tasks and in the middle of the day I thought to share with you the best 17 everyday habits of highly productive people.

Creative Visualisation
Creative Visualisation

1. They make lists – the idea is to start making a daily list with what you have to accomplish and to track the progress of all elements from the list.

2. Take the most out of the down time – usually they spend the down time on actually learning something new related for example to online business, PR, marketing and others.

3. They analyse their mistakes and grow from there – unfortunately, not everywhere a failure is considered a stepping stone towards the success. When facing a challenge, overcoming fear or recovering from a so called failure, successful people focus on growth which follow the lack of success of their previous attempts. They evaluate what went wrong and think about how it can be made better next time.

4. They minimise technological distractions – e-mail, social media and their presence on mobile are by far the biggest distractions people can face on a daily basis and one of the reasons why we are performing under our potential. The most productive people check e-mail and social media 1-3 times per day in allocated and previously scheduled slots.

5. They don’t believe in perfection all the time – most of the time, perfection is the susbstitute for procrastination. The best moment to act is … now, no matter how unprepared you may feel or unexperienced or uneducated. Continue reading “The best 17 everyday habits of highly productive people”