Eliminate the barriers stopping you from meditating (free training)

On my blog, during my keynotes, trainings, in my newsletters and social media posts I share a lot of personal experiences. I consider as a gift the possibility to contribute this way and enrich the life of others. At the beginning of 2011 I’ve discovered by accident the power and benefits of Meditation. I was attracted in the past by things most people don’t understand and somewhere in 2007 I did some experiences which could be considered totally weird so I will not write about them here. At the beginning of 2011 I encountered for the first time the distinction between conscicous and subconscious mind and I made a decision to actually dig deep in my subconscious minsd. It was not easy to start digging there but for me it was a must to solve solme personal problems and one thing which supported be along the way was the meditation.

Today meditation is a mainstream thing, it is not something reserved only for monks and adding this to the daily habits can really change and shift many apsects of one’s life.

My blog is a personal/ business one and it is read by people who want more from their life and I am really happy that here I can share valuable information and tools which can be applied for a better personal and professional life.

We’ve all heard about how meditation can positively impact every area of your life. From boosting productivity at work, to sparking insane levels of creativity, to just finding peace of mind when life gets a little hectic. And the thing is… it’s not just me who’s saying this. There’s a whole host of scientific evidence that’s now validating these claims. But there seems to be a glaring problem that many people are facing right now. They just can’t meditate. I was in that spot so I can relate to this.

There are countless of benefits from meditation including replacing taking a lot of pills, enhanced performance in various areas of life, achieving inner peace and a general wellbeing state which can’t be achieved using other methods.


Tell me…

How many times do you find your mind wandering aimlessly the second you close your eyes.

Or maybe you find yourself worrying about “what needs to get done”instead of enjoying deep relaxation.

Or maybe you just get really, really restless and it becomes impossible to focus on your meditation.

You’re not alone!

That’s why I really want you to try this FREE meditation track by OmHarmonics (you’ll also receive an amazing 8-part Meditation Kit as well – more on this later)

But it’s unlike any meditation track out there (try it out here and you’ll understand why). OmHarmonics is an amazing series of powerful audios that remove all the problems – mental chatter, falling asleep half way through, lack of focus – that have stopped you meditating successfully in the past.

How? Well, without going too technical right now, (you can read more about it here) they’ve managed to blend different audio technologies that induce instant relaxation and gently guides you into an Alpha state of mind. In short, the track does the “work” so you don’t have to. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding…

omharmonics 2

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll also get access to an 8-Part Meditation Kit that will help you meditate like a monk. And to make sure you get the most out of this Meditation Kit, you can customize it based on your current level and how regularly you meditate. And this offer is free so it’s a no brainer to test it.

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