Eliminate the barriers stopping you from meditating (free training)

On my blog, during my keynotes, trainings, in my newsletters and social media posts I share a lot of personal experiences. I consider as a gift the possibility to contribute this way and enrich the life of others. Continue reading Eliminate the barriers stopping you from meditating (free training)

10 strategies to grow your online presence, generate leads, clients and develop your business that will work in 2015

Along with the team from Web Future, a web development agency with offices in New York, Bucharest and soon in London – mid January 2015, we created what we consider to be one fo the most useful reads these days.

The first weeks of the New Year mark a new beginning, a new chance for an amazing period of 12 months which can take any business far, far away. We at Web Future assist companiesfrom all over the world in managing their online businesses, the kid of the Twentieth Century as a vehicle for business growth. One of the most common questions we get besides: “I want you to build an Amazon for me, how much is it?” is “how I generate more leads, clients and grow my business using your services, guys?”

Based on that and considering that we already know what works and what doesn’t work we thought of sharing our knowledge with the marketplace in ten strategies as a “thank you” for an amazing year highlighting the 20% to focus on, to generate 80% of the results in 2015.

Web Future Solutions 2015 predictions
Web Future Solutions 2015 predictions

The internet is more than ever the marketing environment used by people and companies to “push the humanity forward” how we like to call it. Day in and day out all of us can create amazing content, offer free information, launch products, issue vouchers, test new ideas and ask ourselves: “what’s next?”. No matter if a company is just at the start-up founded using bootstrapping from the kitchen table level or an established corporation the internet became for all of them the playfield where they can find the next lead and customer or to be approached by them as a result of advertising and content published. You, dear customer and explorer of the beauty called the internet, are the reason why we are doing what we are doing so the 10 strategies are dedicated to YOU. Have a great 2015, everybody! Continue reading “10 strategies to grow your online presence, generate leads, clients and develop your business that will work in 2015”

How To Created an Online Course on Udemy with Free and Open Source Software

Udemy is one of the platforms where I upload content and courses and plan to use it more in the future. Recently I’ve found a blog post about using great free resources for creating Udemy courses – screencasts with audio, lecture notes and an eBook.

Here are totally free resources to use for creating udemy courses.

Recording Screencasts with Kazam

For recording screencasts (recording actions on the desktop), you can use use Kazam. It is available in the Ubuntu software center. You can save the output as H264 (MP4).


These shorcuts were useful

CTRL + SUPER (Win) + R – Start recording

CTRL + SUPER (Win) + F – Finish recording Continue reading “How To Created an Online Course on Udemy with Free and Open Source Software”

The Steps to Prepare and Execute an Effective Business Plan

Many people are afraid of the idea of preparing a business plan because they think it is a complicated set of unnecessary documents which exist only to make their life more difficult. Business plans are necessary because they help an entrepreneur to see his business. Instead of talking in abstract terms about the customer base and the profit potential, a business plan helps to see the business deals in concrete terms. A business plan also forces an entrepreneur to think through every aspect of his business in advance. These plans also make other people interested in someone’s business. A business plan shows people that the creator of it is professional and he understands what it takes to start and manage a business. If external funding, loan or investment is needed business plan is all the more necessary.

business plan

A business plan should cover five main sections which are listed below.

  1. Executive summary: This section technically appears first, but entrepreneurs write it last as it is the summary of an entire business plan. Many readers do not go beyond the executive summary, so this should contain the gist of all sections and such readers should get an overall idea about the particular business just by going through this section. Therefore, an entrepreneur must make sure that this section is comprehensive and well-written. An entrepreneur must read the entire business plan before writing the executive summary. The information which will stand out to a reader must be included in the summary.

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10 Exclusive Tips To Write Content That Gets Liked And Shared

Good content is the fuel that drives a particular website or a blog. Some of us might be good at writing but we still can’t get what can be termed as ‘Quality content’ no matter how hard we try. Most of such problems are related to one’s experience in the field while some might have got the concept totally wrong in the first place. There aren’t any hard and fast rules or guidelines to content writing, but what many of us basically lack is a working format. In this article we will share few of our exclusive tips to good quality content writing that is guaranteed to get liked and will hopefully be shared. The points below are a step by step guideline to writing professional quality content for a website or a blog.

quality content is shearable content


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Yesterday I’ve started to play with VideoMakerFx

Yesterday I’ve bought a nice piece of software which allows me to play more with video creation. I’ve started to use it immediatly for quotes and will put it towards fancier projects over the next days. This is the first result   and I really think that every marketer should have such a tool especially because it does so many things for a very affgordable price. More details about this piece of software here. Continue reading Yesterday I’ve started to play with VideoMakerFx

How to Get a Job At Google

I have to say that inspired by Robert Kiyosaki and due to my Gemini/ dual nature I followed both paths – traditional and non traditional learning and I have to say that as an entrepreneur things are really different from what I was tought that they could be. NY Times published recently an article regarding this. You can dind it here. This is the most important paragraph from the whole article: “Talent can come in so many different forms and be built in so many nontraditional ways today, hiring officers have to be alive to every one — besides brand-name … Continue reading How to Get a Job At Google