The best 17 everyday habits of highly productive people

From the whole personal development stuff I have to say that I like the most peak performance, meaning the ideas, strategies and habits that allow some of us to perform beyond the imagination.

As I am between the tasks and in the middle of the day I thought to share with you the best 17 everyday habits of highly productive people.

Creative Visualisation
Creative Visualisation

1. They make lists – the idea is to start making a daily list with what you have to accomplish and to track the progress of all elements from the list.

2. Take the most out of the down time – usually they spend the down time on actually learning something new related for example to online business, PR, marketing and others.

3. They analyse their mistakes and grow from there – unfortunately, not everywhere a failure is considered a stepping stone towards the success. When facing a challenge, overcoming fear or recovering from a so called failure, successful people focus on growth which follow the lack of success of their previous attempts. They evaluate what went wrong and think about how it can be made better next time.

4. They minimise technological distractions – e-mail, social media and their presence on mobile are by far the biggest distractions people can face on a daily basis and one of the reasons why we are performing under our potential. The most productive people check e-mail and social media 1-3 times per day in allocated and previously scheduled slots.

5. They don’t believe in perfection all the time – most of the time, perfection is the susbstitute for procrastination. The best moment to act is … now, no matter how unprepared you may feel or unexperienced or uneducated. Continue reading “The best 17 everyday habits of highly productive people”