Meet Geoff, Ozana and yours truly in London on 9th of March – Build Your Sales Funnel Masterclass (free event)

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional service providers – come and meet Ozana Giusca, Geoff Alexander and your truly on 9th March, in Central London, to learn how to build your sales funnel and generate hot leads on autopilot.
It is a FREE event. Join us & discover how to increase your visibility within your target audience and attract your best clients like bees to honey.

Sales Funnel Masterclass
Sales Funnel Masterclass

During The Event You’ll Discover How to…

– Package your knowledge & make money without the pain of selling
– Build your sales funnel to generate leads while you sleep & pay for your marketing costs at the same time
– Sell more & faster… on autopilot
– Sell & cover your marketing costs – even before you have your product available
– Avoid 3 deadly mistakes most small businesses make when trying to attract clients
– Stay away from the one habit that loses small businesses 70% of their sales

Just as the economy is rapidly changing, so are your clients’ purchasing habits.
What worked before to attract clients & generate business doesn’t work anymore.
Join this talk, packed with strategies to enable you to be visible to your right audience
and attract your best clients like bees to the honey pot …
… so you can stop chasing new clients & enjoy your business!
Because clients will be chasing YOU!

Join this event so you…

– Become visible to your right audience
– Set up and effectively use a tested system to attract ideal clients
– Run your most effective marketing campaign with only £100
– Sell your product or service for the right price So that you no longer have to…

– Do painful cold calling
– Attend boring networking events
– Waste your marketing money
– Compete on price and undersell your services just to get business

Instead you will only do what you are passionate about:
Develop products and serve your ideal clients who are ready to pay the correct price for your solutions This 4-hour session is for you if…

– You have a small business OR…
– You’re in the process of establishing your business OR…
– You’re an employee who simply wants to earn some extra cash as a freelancer from your knowledge Join Us to Discover How to Set Up and Use a Tested System to:
– Create the maximum possible interest for your services and products
– Sell successfully at prices that reflect the real value of your products and services
– Make immediate profits from your knowledge – even if your core product is not ready yet

Ozana used this system to generate 100 leads last week alone,
with a marketing investment of £200, followed by £300 in on-the-spot revenues.

Don’t leave your success to chance – take a structured approach to business!
– Do what works in today’s internet era
– Model the strategy the elite group of online entrepreneurs use to earn millions (over £50 million in sales generated this year alone for a small group of people)
– Be one step ahead of your competitors who still use traditional marketing and sales tactics

Attend this event and receive FREE:
Blueprint to Attracting Your Clients in 5 Simple Steps and Making That Sale Happen


Ozana Giusca
Ozana Giusca

Ozana Giusca

World-class expert on business growth, international speaker, bestseller author, and successful entrepreneur with businesses in the U.S., U.K. and Romania and clients on all continents. Ozana is passionate about businesses and always finds ways of growing them, regardless of industry, size or location. She has helped hundreds of small companies double and triple profits within a year.

Geoff Alexander
Geoff Alexander

Geoff Alexander

Online Marketing Mentor & Consultant, Strategic Google Adwords Specialist.
Helps entrepreneurs to drive traffic to their website, into their store, to get the phone ringing. Responsible for over 1.8 billion impressions, 11 million clicks and 170,000 conversions generated over the past 5 years.

Adrian Niculescu
Adrian Niculescu

Adrian Niculescu

Entrepreneur, speaker, social media strategist, author, selling tons of products around the globe. Adrian is one of the early adopters of online business, having been involved with online marketing for 2 decades. Adrian has consistently been generating leads using the power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google + have no secrets for Adrian.

What is stopping you from attending this event?

No time?
Really, how much time (and energy) do you spend each week cold calling clients who don’t even bother to listen? Think again… Do you even HAVE enough clients? Ah, you may be doing a lot of networking events… Are you not sick and tired of meeting so many people and getting so little business out? Or you rely on referrals… which is why your business has not been growing much…

No money?
Hello, this is Free! And you get FREE BONUS!

No marketing experience, no IT abilities, not even a product ready?

That’s exactly the point! To unveil my method in a step-by-step, easy to comprehend manner that will enable you to implement it right away! I have done the research, the learning, the failing, so YOU benefit of everything simply and quickly.

Location Central London, TBC.

Register for free to attend Build Your Sales Funnel Masterclass in London 9th of March

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