Free video gift Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret

I am happy to share with you today a video gift:

Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret

earl nightingale

This was the first recording out of entertainment industry which was sold in more than 1 million copies. It was recorded back in 1959 and it is considered the first spark which ignited the personal development industry and helped it to become what is it today:

I received many messages from you, the lovely members of this community asking for more personal development content so I am keen to deliver the best resources available.

The core idea of this video is that “We become what we think about” and it contains a 30 day challenge any of us can start today.

We are not aware of how important are in your life the beliefs we have and some of them are so rooted in our mind that they really shape our life and sometimes in the wrongest directions available.

I will give you just one example: if you read the statistics let’s say about a certain disease saying that one out of every two people will have that disease in the next 5 years you tend to believe it and practically invite the disease in your life.

Do you want more? Let’s say that you read other statistics saying that in average men die at let’s say 65 years old. Do you even think of living 80 or 100 years? Is such a belief different than 40 is the new 20? Yes, you bet.

“Managing” our beliefs is one of the most important steps we can make towards personal development and becoming today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

Enjoy the video, apply the challenge and comment to this post with your thoughts on the subject and what kind of personal development content you want to find here.

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