An important secret which can save a life and more than one

As promised, I come back with a very powerful and in the same time controversial information.

Look, if we as human beings are like ships then the conscious mind is the captain – setting up the direction (20% of the control over our life and future) and the subconscious mind is the machine hall (80% of the control over our life and future). So what happens is that the captain will setup the direction – I want to have one million dollars, I want to have this and have that and the machine hall (it doesn’t actually see the destination) will execute the command.

conscious and subconscious mind

It is crucial to understand how to actually send command to our subconscious mind because the danger is that we can send the wrong ones.

I spoke with many of my friends and stidents from seminars and workshops about the importance of knowing how to give command to the subconscious mind and also to cancel and replace other commands. Because we can give wrong orders and we don’t even know that we placed them. There is always a positive or negative emotion associated with any order we give to our subconscious mind.

Unfortunately this stuff is true. Any of us, a friend or a dear one can receive the news that due to an illness there are let’s say only two months of life left. What happens? The receiver of this news will panic (most likely) will associate a negative emotion with this information and the captain can give a wrong command to the machine hall.

Knowing how to handle for yourself and a dear or a loved one such a situation can make a huge difference and even save lives.

I don’t know how you treat this information but when I heard it for the first time – few years ago I sensed an urge to find everything I could learn about this and dedicated a special section to this subject in my latest personal development program Enjoy, apply and protect the precious gift of life.

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