10 Real Life issues I’ve learned from training +2900 students in marketing and social media marketing

Back in the days, my biggest AHA moments related to my personal development happened during internet marketing events and conferences. There, among highly successful marketers and entrepreneurs found many answers to my questions about life. This being said, later I took a decision: to start every of my marketing and social media marketing training or workshop and overall any business related one with 30 to 60 minutes of pure personal development knowledge – the essence of what I’ve learned in the last 10 years.

entrepreneur in the business of life

Of course, this information is not for everybody. Some students are well prepared to receive it, others are excited and take action immediatly and others are simply bored … so it is not for them.

A major takeaway from this exercise was that I gathered a lot of feedback, questions and observations from the students and gathered them in 10 points. I can relate to them because I’ve been in all of them:

1. They don’t know how to set goals and to create a plan to achieving them. Most of the speakers and trainers will tell you that writing goals on paper will make them happen but they can’t explain why. In the training you will find the answer to the question “why the goals written work” how to craft them, plan and implement actions to achieve them.

2. They don’t know that our subconscious mind which is responsible for 80% of the success in our life can be reprogrammed almost entirely. This is a process which is accesible for anybody by using meditation, affirmations, incantations, installing new beliefs and habits. And I think that you are still not aware about how much your beliefs shape your life and future.

3. They don’t know that our mind has muscles and they have to be trained as you train the body during the fitness sessions. One of the muscle is the one handling emotions. That’s why, no matter how is your IQ from birth what will make or break your success in life is the emotional intelligence – named EQ. These are called mental faculties.

4. They don’t know that can have everything they want. Most people see an awesome new car but in an instant say that they can’t have it and others use their mental faculties and not only buy the car but the whole dealership.

5. They don’t know how to shift from the space where life happens to them to the one where they make things happen. It is not a one day event shifting from one to the other but inside the training you will find the shortest route.

6. They don’t know that problems are a sign of life. You don’t need to get rid of all problems but to eliminate the ones your already have and deal with a better list. One example – eradicate the problems of being broke and deal with the ones of managing an evergrowing financial wealth.

7. They don’t know that money is just a part of being wealthy. Health, relationships, following your passions and hobbies are also part of being really wealthy. In the training you will find the resources to attain those.

8. They don’t know how to escape the rat race. Financial freedom is not for everybody but it was one of my main goals and it is one of my current priorities to maintain it. See inside how you can become financial free in the shortest amount of time no matter from what point you are starting .

9. They just want to escape their own fears by taking medications, drinking and smoking. A hard truth in your face: the fears don’t dissapear. What can be changed is to not let the fears block you anymore and start using them as a fuel for your expansion.

10. They don’t have a system to use as a GPS for their life. We all have 24 hrs, no matter where we live, what colour or race we are. The success or failure in our life comes from how we use those 24 hrs. Most people try to manage time. Unfortunately, time cannot be managed. What can be managed is what we do in the time we have.

These are real life issues and some of them can really be dangerous. Fortunately, after a lot of searches and experiences I was able to address all of them in Mindset Optimizer. More details: www.mindsetoptimizer.net

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