Italian property buying guide

When purchasing a property in Italy you should go through 3 stages: 1) Proposta irrevocabile d’acquisto (reservation offer) 2) Contratto preliminare di vendita (preliminary contract) 3) Atto di vendita (deed of sale) Once you have chosen your property you should engage the services of a solicitor, whether you buy through a real estate agent or directly from the vendor. An Italian solicitor’s knowledge of Italian Real Estate Law is invaluable and he is there to look after your interests and your interests only! When buying a property in Italy the first document you will be called upon to sign is … Continue reading Italian property buying guide

9 Ways to Get Glowing Online Reviews

Whether you like them or not, online rating Web sites are a reality for today’s real estate professionals. Those sites, in addition to Facebook and other social media outlets, create a powerful tool for spreading the word about you and your services. But to do it right, you need your customers’ help.     The advent of social media has brought on the era of the educated real estate consumer. These days, customers go online not only to look at property listings, but also to research your experience, qualifications, and attitude. If you handle it right, the trend could present … Continue reading 9 Ways to Get Glowing Online Reviews

Landmark Forum and Education

 Just recently I added to my training sessions to attend a sets of modules from Landmark Education. The Basics of all sessions is The Landmark Forum. How The Landmark Forum Works? After you know the benefits of The Landmark Forum, most people want to know the specifics. So here are the answers to our most often asked questions: what, where, when, and how much will it cost. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact a Landmark Education office near you. What: “One of life’s most rewarding experiences.” That’s how graduates describe The Landmark Forum. In fact, more than … Continue reading Landmark Forum and Education

Your Link Building Campaign Search for Quality or Search for Quantity?

If you’re new to internet marketing, one tip you may have heard around the internet is that quantity link building is a better campaign than quality link building.  However, if you’ve been around the internet awhile you know that a good link building campaign is just the opposite.  While it is important to get a good number of links pointing back to you, the quality of the link pointing back is much more vital. The way to look at it is that a link is like a reference to your website.  If you were collecting references for another job, would … Continue reading Your Link Building Campaign Search for Quality or Search for Quantity?

What To Look Out For When Buying Website Traffic

As soon as you get a website of your own you realize that it will do you no good unless people see it. The biggest problem you will face on the internet is getting quality traffic to your website. In this article we will look at buying website traffic as one method to get visitors and the advantages and disadvantages of getting traffic this way. When you buy website traffic you have to consider the type of traffic you are getting. A targeted visitor is worth more to you than a visitor that happens on your site for no apparent … Continue reading What To Look Out For When Buying Website Traffic

What To Look Out For When Buying Text Links

  Having a large link network is critical for your website and business in a number of ways.  Building up your link index is one of the most efficient website promotion methods because of the number of backlinks that you get pointing towards your website.  Whether you are using the links for search engine optimization, affiliate programs or lead generation, taking the time to build your network is vital. How you build your link network varies as there are a number of ways to do so.  The most efficient but time consuming method is building it organically through link exchanges.  … Continue reading What To Look Out For When Buying Text Links

What Is Three-Way Linking All About?

The talk over linking and the value it has to your website has intensified over the past few years with no one truly being able to tell which is most efficient.  There are one way links, two way links and three way links, but the only people that honestly know which is best for you is Google.  The problem is that Google has taken it upon themselves to keep everyone in the dark on this. The newest form of back links to come about is three way linking.  In simplest terms, three way linking is when Site A links to … Continue reading What Is Three-Way Linking All About?

The Right Way To Do Directory Submission

Before we learn the right way to directory submission, it is important to know the definition of a web directory. A Web directory is defined as an organized, categorized listings of web sites. In other words it is a collection of websites that are organized by subject or category. One distinct characteristic of a web directory is that it is usually maintained by humans instead of software like in the case of search engines. The visitor to the web site can scroll down the categories and sub categories to locate the information they are seeking. Web directories are essentially much … Continue reading The Right Way To Do Directory Submission

The Key to Successful Web Traffic Generation

You’ve heard the catch phrase a million times, but what is “Link Pop” exactly?  It’s simple really. A website’s link popularity, often called “Link Pop“, can be determined by the quality, quantity, and relevance of the other websites that link to its page. Link Pop can be a tricky thing. In the good old days, search engines determined a site’s page ranking by the amount of times the keywords appeared in the text. Soon webmasters learned that if they squeezed an obnoxious amount of keywords into their site’s text, the site would eventually gain a very high page ranking. Since search engines like Google gain users by … Continue reading The Key to Successful Web Traffic Generation

The Benefits of Submitting to Free AND Paid Directories

  What sort of directories should you submit to? There are two kinds: those that require a “review fee” and those that don’t. You should submit to BOTH. Sites that command a fee will traditionally post your link in a timely manner. The average fee ranges from $30 to $100. Yahoo! Directories requires a payment of $299 for one link display. Free sites like DMOZ do not guarantee that your link will be displayed. Also, editors usually work on a volunteer basis so it can take months before your link is posted, if at all.However, a link on a site like DMOZ can be just … Continue reading The Benefits of Submitting to Free AND Paid Directories

The Basics To Making Directory Submissions

Building traffic and increasing the page rank of your website is an essential piece to having a successful business.  Certainly one of the most efficient ways to do both is through directory submissions.  There are a number of different website directories that you can submit your site too, some better than others.  However, prior to submitting your website there are some things that need to be considered. It is important that you realize that website directories are not search engines.  The key difference between the two is that with directory submissions your website is edited and managed by human beings.  … Continue reading The Basics To Making Directory Submissions

The Advantages of Being Included In A Link Directory

A link directory is an ideal place for website owners to exchange links without the fear of being rejected. Website owners are increasingly reluctant to link to other sites fearing that their site will lose page rank and relevance if they link to all kinds of websites. So, as a newbie website owner you would find it extremely difficult to get one-way links from individual website owners. It is easy to get links from link directories but the quality of links won’t be too great. As a new website owner you don’t have much choice regarding the quality of websites … Continue reading The Advantages of Being Included In A Link Directory