How can small business begin with Instagram

Instagram is a best social media platform to interact with people by sharing photos and videos. For your small business, Instagram provides an easy way to enhance your reach and expose your business to the new people.

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How to generate leads using Instagram

Lead generation is all about developing interest of targeted potential customers in your brand and converting them into paying customers. Instagram is a place where you not only sharing photos with your customers, but sharing a personal, visual element of your products and services.

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For lead generation strategy you need to follow some few steps.  Continue reading “How to generate leads using Instagram”

How to make money with Instagram

Instagram has become the most popular social media platform to share pictures and videos. Many people use their social media skills to earn money on Instagram. For businesses, marketers can promote products, advertise and sell their own services and can earn money with Instagram.

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Here are some steps that will help you to make money with Instagram.  Continue reading “How to make money with Instagram”

How Instagram integrates with other social media platforms

Instagram is a social media platform which offers storytelling through visuals. Businesses and marketers use Instagram to tell their brand story and to connect audience with their brand. To get more followers and generate brand awareness outside the Instagram, you can connect your Instagram account with other social media platform and can share your products images and videos over there.

Sharing visuals on other social media platforms helps your business to grow widely and to find new customers, build brand awareness, increase website traffic and search ranking.

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Here are some social media platforms you can connect your Instagram account with to gain more followers and get targeted potential customers.  Continue reading “How Instagram integrates with other social media platforms”

Why Hashtags are really important on Instagram

Many social media users don’t know how to use Hashtags in their post and have questions about the purpose of the Hashtags. Hashtags are similar as the tags used in blogs. It’s like a label that makes social media sites easier to find posts or some content.

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To create Hashtags include the symbol “#” in front of word or words without any spaces between them. Here are some reasons to use Hashtags on Instagram for your marketing campaign.  Continue reading “Why Hashtags are really important on Instagram”

The best tools to grow your Instagram presence

Instagram provides a place for businesses to promote their products and generate brand awareness and reach their target audience. For marketing the business the biggest challenge is to how to manage Instagram account. Here are some tools that will help marketers to grow their presence on Instagram.

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How ads work on Instagram

Instagram is a social networking application where users can share their experiences through images and 15 second videos. Businesses and marketers can popularize their brand by posting their product’s pictures and videos on Instagram. Another way to tell business story and generate brand awareness is through creating ads on Instagram, a call to action button under the picture.

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To get started with the Instagram’s advertising feature or to know how it works you need to know some points.  Continue reading “How ads work on Instagram”

How to generate brand awareness with Instagram

Promoting brands and services is the biggest task for the businesses and marketers. Many marketers don’t understand how to use the advantages of the Instagram for promoting their products and services. Instagram provides a social platform for promotions, campaigns and to generate brand awareness. Here are some points that will help business and marketers to generate their brand awareness with Instagram.

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Well, that’s where Instagram marketing is at right now.  Continue reading “Very-Little-Known, FREE web traffic source is converting like crazy… so you can leverage over 400 million active users”