How to make money with Instagram

Instagram has become the most popular social media platform to share pictures and videos. Many people use their social media skills to earn money on Instagram. For businesses, marketers can promote products, advertise and sell their own services and can earn money with Instagram.

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Here are some steps that will help you to make money with Instagram. 

For successful marketing you need to have a long list of followers in your Instagram account. You need to take some time to increase your number of followers before you start making money on Instagram. Always remember that your follower is your market in Instagram.

Build strong followership by connecting with people, posting unique photos, socializing, asking people to follow you, interacting with your followers by running contest etc.

For attracting followers to your brand, take quality pictures of your products and services. This is the only way to attract thousands of followers to your account. High quality, beautiful pictures of your brand help you to get more attention and will attract your prospects and monetize your account.

Try to learn some photography skills. On Instagram, lots of posters use high quality cameras to get their perfect desired shot. You can use editing app to make your pictures more attractive like Perfect 365 can give perfect selfies, and Snapseed is tremendous for retouching and improving the qualities of pictures.

To aware more people about your products and services on Instagram, always provide a link to your blog or posts. This is the most important task to make money on Instagram. You must provide a site link into your profile page and include CTA to posts. So that whenever you post a photo, at the end of the post you can tell people to check your link for more information about your brand.

This is the best way to build brand awareness and generate leads and add traffic to your site. So don’t forget to add link into your Instagram profile page.

Businesses and marketers could turn their followers into potential customers by promoting their brand, products and services on Instagram. You can use Instagram to advertise your tutoring, framework and freelancing services.

Take relevant and unique pictures of your products and services and put them all on your blog posts to promote your business on Instagram account.

Post regularly when you willing to earn money on Instagram account. To grow the number of your followers you need to stay active. Post several pictures every day that is relevant to your niche and audience but don’t post all at once it will look like spam.

You need to be serious about your posts while planning to make money on Instagram. Posting consistently keeps people engage with your brand and helps to increase brand awareness.

These above points will help you to build your brand awareness and achieve targeted potential audience and increase sales.


You know what means when people say that it is best to jump on an opportunity right when it’s on the ground floor …
… when very few or almost no one is doing it … and when almost no one knows and understands it’strue potential…?


Well, that’s where Instagram marketing is at right now.


And when you acknowledge that:
1. Instagram is the FASTEST growing social network right now with over 400 Million users


2. The posts on Instagram have a 50% higher engagement rate than Facebook,
so once you understand THAT, you’re gonna realize that RIGHT NOW is the besttime to capitalize on this growing traffic monster.

Instagram is at it’s INFANCY right now when it comes to leveraging the truetraffic and profit potential that it’s cooking up to be. You can be part of the few selected that got it during the “ground floor” phase!


And, something out of this world, Instamate automates this entire free traffic giant for you.

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