How to generate brand awareness with Instagram

Promoting brands and services is the biggest task for the businesses and marketers. Many marketers don’t understand how to use the advantages of the Instagram for promoting their products and services. Instagram provides a social platform for promotions, campaigns and to generate brand awareness. Here are some points that will help business and marketers to generate their brand awareness with Instagram.

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Build your brand website to aware audience about your services and products. So that followers can see your product pics and able to follow you on Instagram through your website links. To achieve thousands of followers and engagement to your brand the important thing to do is to link to your website URL.

The URL could be your blog page, your brand page, a custom landing page, a lead generation page, or any other page on your website. Instagram provides a place where you can put clickable links of your brand website.

To increase Instagram following the first step is to create the list of Instagram accounts to get the target audience. Be partner with them and create ‘shout-outs’, which can be either paid or unpaid.

Unpaid shout-outs means “share for share” used for sharing one another’s content and inspire one’s followers to follow other account. Follow those accounts that have identical reach as yours.

To gain fast and lots of followers on Instagram paid shout-outs can be the best way. Drive followers to your website, retain with your brand and then subscribe for email list. Don’t forget to ask for call to action in the shout-out. This is the best way to ask followers to follow your Instagram account.

On Instagram you can tell your business story through images and videos. To connect with your audience put your products and services in the context. A beautiful imagery can helps to drive engagement of followers on Instagram and they can also share those images of your products on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Instagram provides you the platform to showcase your products and services through images and videos to converting followers into your target audience.

Add relevant Hashtags to make the best use of your post captions and comments on Instagram posts. To gain the maximum followers, reach, engagement and target audience use Hashtags on Instagram post. Include Hashtags for the keywords you want to discover like #manufacture, the type of service you provide or name of your brand.

Use only those Hashtags that are relevant to your business, your post and your target audience. Don’t use popular Hashtags that will not help to your business. This is the fast way to get more followers.

Follow the above points to boost your brand awareness with Instagram. This will help you to convert followers into target audience.
You know what means when people say that it is best to jump on an opportunity right when it’s on the ground floor …
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And when you acknowledge that:
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