The best tools to grow your Instagram presence

Instagram provides a place for businesses to promote their products and generate brand awareness and reach their target audience. For marketing the business the biggest challenge is to how to manage Instagram account. Here are some tools that will help marketers to grow their presence on Instagram.

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Iconosquare has some features that make it the most popular web interface for Instagram. By this tool you can manage and promote your Instagram account. When users log in, it will greet them with the latest photos from the people they follow.

It has the features that manage your community, analyze activity and follower growth. You can popularize your account across other social media platform with feed tabs and photo widgets.

Also with photo contest you can engage your audience. With Iconosquare you can set up, promote and publish results of an Instagram contest. is a classic web interface tool that helps you to grow and manage Instagram presence. It has the feature to organize images into albums, provides stats on your account and associates your content with RSS feeds.

It provides tools to run useful contest and offers accurate statistics for brands. also offers people a public interface by which you can share a dedicated URL with others to show off your Instagram photos.

Other feature of offers the private messaging between Instagram users and a custom header, background for your public page and no ads on your public profile page.

Ink 361 is a web app that helps you to manage and grow your Instagram presence. This provides a tool to create albums, identify new contacts and allow setting up alerts for new posts.


It’s a free web app that allows you to view photos and engage with other Instagram users. When hover over the photos, you will be able to see the details about photos with the ability to share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

To share your photos with non-Instagram users, Ink 361 provides you a feature to create custom Instagram gallery.

If you think your current Instagram filters are not sufficient to do editing with photos then VSCO cam is the right app for you. VSCO cam is tool that offers 10 free filters with an option to purchase several more sets at in-app shop. VSCO cam provides a feature to edit pictures with sharp contrast and crisp edges and creating the blurriest conference picture look like work of art.

With VSCO cam, users can edit pictures according to their choice by adjusting the brightness, color temperature, sharpness, contrast, saturation etc. VSCO cam is logically combined with an Instagram and offers user to post directly to the network.


Instagram is the best place to promoting your products and services. Use these tools that will help you to grow and manage your presence for businesses on Instagram.


You know what means when people say that it is best to jump on an opportunity right when it’s on the ground floor …
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