How ads work on Instagram

Instagram is a social networking application where users can share their experiences through images and 15 second videos. Businesses and marketers can popularize their brand by posting their product’s pictures and videos on Instagram. Another way to tell business story and generate brand awareness is through creating ads on Instagram, a call to action button under the picture.

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To get started with the Instagram’s advertising feature or to know how it works you need to know some points. 

A good content always matters a lot on any social media network whether it is for advertising or not. While posting on any platform make sure your content should be high quality, unique and it gives relevant information about your brand. A good content should have three qualities – Interesting, Engaging, and Original.

Always keep in mind that good content convey the right message into hearts and minds of your customers with power and conviction. Before uploading, you need to pay attention on your content that it works or not and you will get the propensity.

Instagram provides you three options to create your brand advertisements. You can run your Instagram ads through a single image, a carousel of various pictures or a 30 seconds long video. Advertisement requirements on Instagram such as maximum amount of text in the image and content constraints are set by its parent company Facebook.

Just like others posts your ads will also show up in your audience’s feed so it is impossible for users to miss your ads because it covers the entire screen of the user. To add Call-To-Action button under the picture Instagram advertising provide three options: a link to your website, a link to download an app, or a link to video.

To get starting advertising on Instagram you need a Facebook page to use Facebook’s Power Editor or Ads Manager.


  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and Create new campaign. Select an objective for example choose: send people to your website.
  2. Next click set audience and budget. Set your target audience, schedule and budget.
  3. Choose Ad creative. Select the type of ad you want like image, carousel, and video.
  4. Select what links and text you want to use. To represent your brand on Facebook select Facebook page.
  5. If your business has an Instagram account you can connect your Facebook ad account by clicking Add an account. Then enter Instagram account username and password.
  6. Create your ad.
  7. To include Call to Action button, click on ‘Show Advanced Options’.


Instagram provides an advertising feature to achieve your real business results. By creating an Instagram Ads you can attract your audience towards your brand and keep them engaged. Follow these steps to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

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