How can small business begin with Instagram

Instagram is a best social media platform to interact with people by sharing photos and videos. For your small business, Instagram provides an easy way to enhance your reach and expose your business to the new people.

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Here are some few tips to maximize your time and drive Instagram success for your small business.

To tell your brand’s story to the people, show your new collection of products you offer and share the images on Instagram. Take relevant and beautiful pictures of your products and services you provide and upload them on your profile page. High quality, beautiful pictures of your brand help you to get more attention and will attract your prospects and monetize your account.

To drive more traffic towards your brand, upload pictures and videos of your products and services. Try to keep your customers updated, it helps to build brand awareness and lead generation.

The proper use of Hashtags (#) is the most important factor to achieve Instagram success for your small business. Always use relevant, unique and business related keywords as Hashtags. It gives you an opportunity to interact, monitor prospects and customers who interact with your business.

Use Hashtags for 1-2 words, don’t flood your posts or content with hashed words it will make your brand or company look like cluttered and unprofessional. If the Hashtag you use is not working, change it but have patience and give Hashtag a time to catch on.

The most important way to get new followers, keep them engaged, brand exposure and lead generation is cross-promoting of your brand.

To do this you need to have your Business website URL, an E-mail address and contact number in your profile page and use call to action (CTA) in your posts.

Another way to cross-promoting your brand could be host a giveaway or contests through your Instagram account. If you are running contests or giveaway for your small business, the best way to run these by joining up another IGer and running the contests together.

Staying active is the key to any social media platform. To increase your small business’s time worthiness you need to be consistent with your posts on Instagram. Post several pictures every day that is relevant to your niche and audience but don’t post all at once it will look like spam.

For small businesses, to achieve their targeted potential customers they are required to post on a regular pace. But be consistent with your post doesn’t mean you need to post every 30 minutes on Instagram.


Instagram is not only for large companies, it also provide benefits for local small businesses to achieve their targeted potential customers. Follow these tips to enhance your reach and expose your small business to the new people on Instagram.


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