The Benefits of Submitting to Free AND Paid Directories


What sort of directories should you submit to?

There are two kinds: those that require a “review fee” and those that don’t. You should submit to BOTH.

Sites that command a fee will traditionally post your link in a timely manner. The average fee ranges from $30 to $100. Yahoo! Directories requires a payment of $299 for one link display.

Free sites like DMOZ do not guarantee that your link will be displayed. Also, editors usually work on a volunteer basis so it can take months before your link is posted, if at all.However, a link on a site like DMOZ can be just as valuable as Yahoo! if you have a little time and patience!

There are literally thousands of “secondary” directories besides the Big Guys (Yahoo! and DMOZ). These directories can be more beneficial to post links with because they often focus on a specific topic. Submitting to these directories will include you in a tight-knit online community of people that are interested in the topics you present on your site. These directories will attract the most dedicated and target-specific visitors.

When choosing a directory to submit to, look for the ones with less than 50 links per page. Also be sure to pick directories that are organized by specific topic. This is important for two different reasons. First, users will be able to quickly access your link. Second, if the organization is poor and there are too many links per page, it is likely that the directory will be viewed as a link farm. This could damage your Google PR or cause your site to be banned  from a search engine.

Provided you are willing to invest a lot of time and money, directory submissions are the easiest way to generate a lot of non-reciprocal links. 


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