What Is Three-Way Linking All About?

The talk over linking and the value it has to your website has intensified over the past few years with no one truly being able to tell which is most efficient.  There are one way links, two way links and three way links, but the only people that honestly know which is best for you is Google.  The problem is that Google has taken it upon themselves to keep everyone in the dark on this.

The newest form of back links to come about is three way linking.  In simplest terms, three way linking is when Site A links to Site B, Site B links to Site C and Site C links to Site A.  The problem with getting back links using this method is that you have to be able to trust everyone that links with you. 

With two way links, you have to be able to trust one person and hope that they will truthfully put your link on their site.  With three way links there are more people to trust with that much more of a chance that someone will try to cheat you.  If one person breaks the chain and cheats you out of your rightful link, the whole circle is ruined. 

It doesn’t take a great amount of time or effort to get one or two way links, but it can become a little more confusing with three way links.  The reason being is that there is more to calculate and record to make sure your links are being placed on other people’s websites.  If you get a number of different three way links going, it becomes almost impossible to keep track.

Although it isn’t too difficult, the most time consuming part is initiating the trade.  You have to research and find your qualified candidates to be involved in the exchange and then contact them.  Once you contact them, you will probably have to explain why a three way link exchange will be more beneficial than a simple two way link exchange.  Because of this, be prepared to explain with details and statistics about how you all will benefit.

After that, you may want to consider bringing up the trust factor.  While it isn’t the end of the world if you get cheated out of a back link, it can be frustrating to go through the entire process only to find out that you don’t even have a link pointing back to you.  If you can bring up the trust factor without threatening anybody, you will have a better chance at building an efficient three way link exchange.

Three way links can be a great way to build back links for your website.  The only risk is that there are more chances for a website to back out or cheat you from a link.  As long as you research and find trustworthy people, three way links can be extremely beneficial for your website.

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