The Advantages of Being Included In A Link Directory

A link directory is an ideal place for website owners to exchange links without the fear of being rejected. Website owners are increasingly reluctant to link to other sites fearing that their site will lose page rank and relevance if they link to all kinds of websites. So, as a newbie website owner you would find it extremely difficult to get one-way links from individual website owners.

It is easy to get links from link directories but the quality of links won’t be too great. As a new website owner you don’t have much choice regarding the quality of websites you get link back from, their page rank, their relevance or their ranking. Also, reciprocal links are not valued highly by search engines.

How to get quality one-way links from websites regarded highly by search engines?

Not many realize the important of web directories – which are link directories maintained by humans offering one way links to your website. Organized into categories and sections based on subject the web directories with high page ranks offer relevancy and quality.

With automated software, submitting your websites to thousands of web directories is an easy and fast task.

Why should you submit your website to these link directories?

There are many advantages, the most important of them all being getting one-way links. Most web directories do not require you to link back to them.

As these sites are crawled frequently your sites will get indexed quickly. Some of the human edited web directories are respected highly by the search engines. A link to your website from such a directly will be valued higher than a reciprocal link. 

You are sure to get better ranking at the search engines. With thousands of one-way links pointing your way some of them from top-quality web directories and link directories, search engines have to take note and your rankings will dramatically improve.

A link directory will allow you to provide your own descriptions, titles and keywords. Include keywords and keyword phrases in your titles and descriptions. Be imaginative and descriptive. You should be able to grab and hold attention of your visitors.

If the description is too tired or overstuffed with keywords/phrases the editor may change the description, which may not be to your liking at all. If you succeed in getting the editors to allow you to keep your descriptions with relevant keywords then search engines will rank you higher as you are able to achieve links for your targeted keywords and phrases.

Link directory and web directory services allow free submissions to their directory listings.

When there are so many benefits to be derived by being included in these websites it makes good business and seo sense to submit your websites to these directories.

Though it is a tedious and time consuming process the benefits outweigh the effort involved. If you really lack the time then you can use either an automated software or human help to submit your websites.

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