From Shaq-Apulco to Dr O’Neal

In this video you can get a sneak preview of Shaquille O’Neal’s mansion and you can find out why soon we will call him Dr. O’Neal. This guy is an amazing figure and I really liked even his rap tunes. He is an example of how to shape your life goals and go after them. Be inspired and learn! Continue reading From Shaq-Apulco to Dr O’Neal

5 Business Lessons of Sporting Success by Richard Branson

Richard Branson is for sure one of my role model when it comes to business and how he communicate about what he is doing. Recently, Richard published an article about the lessons any business owner can learn from sporting success. The main keywords of the article are: 1. Teamwork is paramount 2. Mentorship matters 3. Be resilient and determined 4. Have pride and purpose 5. Delegate wherever possible Enjoy the full article here. Continue reading 5 Business Lessons of Sporting Success by Richard Branson

The Forbes List of 24 Self-Made Women Billionaires

I just came across the new list of the self-made women billionaires published by Forbes and I’ve noticed that many of them come from China and their fortunes are related to real estate and construction. Oprah (one of my favourite TV stars) is among them. It is  a record-setting year for women on the Forbes Billionaires list. For starters, there were more than ever, 138 in the ranks, up from 104. Plus there were also more who started their own businesses, 24. Among the new women are designer Tory Burch and restaurateur Peggy Cherng, who runs Chinese food chain Panda … Continue reading The Forbes List of 24 Self-Made Women Billionaires

Alex Cernatescu Infinit Solutions va vorbi despre Tradigital

Echipa care organizeaza Romania Marketing Summit pe 12 decembrie este pe ultima suta de metri cu evenimentul si va avea un weekend plin. Alex Cernatescu  va veni la Romania Marketing Summit  cu exemple despre noul tip de publicitate “tradigital”, despre abordarea de tip ecosistem cu digitalul la baza si despre cum va trebui sa abordam ca marketeri comunicarea in 2013. Vom vedea case study-uri interesante si de asemenea trenduri la care va trebui sa fim atenti in 2013. Infinit Solutions Agency este una dintre cele mai mari agentii independente locale de digital si un adevarat exemplu de success story de business … Continue reading Alex Cernatescu Infinit Solutions va vorbi despre Tradigital

The top 7 challenges on the road to wealth

Yesterday I watched a webinar presented by Kerwin Rae about the top 7 challenges on the road to wealth. Kerwin Rae is a businessman, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, author and international speaker. As one of the world’s leading business commentators and strategists for over a decade, he has coached thousands of consultants in numerous countries on business development, marketing, sales, human behaviour and entrepreneurial psychology.

As these principles are faced in one way or the other by most of achievers worldwide, I thought that it was a good idea to share them here.

Just before that a quote heard also yesterday during the webinar: “Mindsets play strange tricks on us. We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see” Muhammad Yunus.

So the top 7 challenges on the road to wealth are:
1. Focus – really one of the biggest challenges is to focus on what is important, ignore shiny objects and the usual distractions;
2. Motivation – why you do what you do? what is your drive to do, achieve and grow;
3. Clarity – if your vision is not clear don’t expect that the outcomes to be like that. It can happen, but don’t be sure about this;
4. Plan – you know, failing to plan means planning to fail – no more comments here;
5. Strategy – you need to follow a proven strategy to win the game;
6. Tactics – you can have the best strategy in the world but the tactics are the movements which will make things happen – you can call this the leg work;
7. Feeling like giving up – this is a big challenge when you feel like giving up just that the only way is straight forward.
Continue reading “The top 7 challenges on the road to wealth”

Cele 13 principii ale succesului enuntate de Benjamin Franklin – de aplicat unul pe saptamana

Benjamin Franklin este considerat “Primul American” si o personaliate deosebita studiata si citata de foarte multi dintre oamenii de succes pe care ii cunosc, cu care colaborez, pe care ii urmaresc sau citesc. Despre el, mai multe pe Wikipedia aici.

Benjamin Franklin

Am regasit aceste 13 principii ale succesului intr-o carte despre vanzari – “Cum am devenit expert in vanzari” a lui Frank Bettger si m-am gandit ca este momentul sa scriu despre ele pe blog. Benjamin recomanda ca aceste principii sa fie aplicate unul pe saptamana ceva gen tema acestei saptamani este … timp de 13 saptamani si apoi sa o iei de la inceput. Sfatul meu este sa adaptezi aceste principii la scenariul tau de viata iar la sfarsitul articolului voi scrie despre cum le-a adaptat Frank in viata lui. Deci:

1. Cumpatarea – nu manca pana la ingreunare si nu bea pana la ametire;

2. Linistea – nu spune decat ceea ce ar putea folosi  altora sau tie; evita conversatiile marunte;

3. Ordinea – lasa toate lucrurile pe care le ai la locul lor; acorda fiecarei parti a ocupatiei tale timpul ei;

4. Hotararea – fii hotarat sa faci ceea ce trebuie; indeplineste fara gres ceea ce ai hotarat;

5. Chibzuinta – nu cheltui decat pentru binele celorlalti sau al tau; nu irosi nimic; Continue reading “Cele 13 principii ale succesului enuntate de Benjamin Franklin – de aplicat unul pe saptamana”

De ce imi place Tony Robbins?

Unul dintre cele mai interesante sentimente este sa primesti exact ceea ce ai nevoie, exact atunci cat iti trebuie si intr-un mod total neasteptat, de cele mai multe ori ascuns intr-o provocare careia initial ii dai conotatii negative. Viata mi-a oferit ceva ce culmea nici nu stiam ca imi lipseste si anume … o sa razi, timpul petrecut cu mine. Sa nu te gandesti la prostii!!! Noi oamenii avem in noi niste resurse extraordinare pe care abia le folosim pentru ca nici nu stim de existenta lor. De exemplu, stii ca doar respirand intr-un anumit fel iti poti schimba starea … Continue reading De ce imi place Tony Robbins?