Intelegerea fenomenelor macro din Romania

Cand vreau sa inteleg ce se intampla pe o piata caut liderii din domeniul respectiv si vad/ ascult/ citesc ce au ei de spus. Primesc cu placere orice fel de feedback dar il apreciez in special pe al celor care performeaza in domeniile in care il ofera. Economia functioneaza in cicluri peste tot si o intelegere a fenomenelor macro este esentiala pentru a face pasii potriviti si a lua deciziile corecte.

Daca Tiriac spune ceva despre investitiile straine, citesc cu atentie. La fel daca Isarescu spune ceva de inflatie. Pentru piata bunurilor de folosinta indelungata ma uit la Sucu si Ostahie. In domeniul media snt atent la Sarbu. Lista poate continua. In domeniul imobiliar am intalnit o persoana deosebita care poseda o capacitate pe care rar am intalnit-o de a prelucra informatiile din domeniul imobiliar astfel incat sa iti ofere niste previziuni pe urmatorii ani care au la baza elemente demografice si informatii foarte specifice. Este vorba de Dan Ioan Popp, managerul Impact Developer & Contractor SA.

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Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson on Soundcloud

The other days I’ve just started my Soundcloud account – the purpose being to upload some audio books, interviews and … mixes. The first uploads were some recordings I have from a friend in UK containing pieces of Losing My Virginity read by Richard Branson. I find Mr. Branson the most inspiring entrepreneur ever and I usually read his books, follow the news about him. Maybe this means that I am a fan. Yes, why not? Here are the recordings: Epidode one: Episode two: Episode three: Episode four: Everybody has obstacles and Richard points out that … Continue reading Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson on Soundcloud

The smartest risk of becoming an entrepreneur

The other days I saw an article about Louis Lautman which founded International Sales University, a sales training and development company that works with top Fortune 500 Companies and hosts public seminars. I am on his e-mail list so I receive from time to time updates about his overall activity. Continue reading The smartest risk of becoming an entrepreneur

10 minute cu Alain Cardon

Ieri seara am fost la unul din evenimentele Romanian Managers pentru a-l vedea pe Alain Cardon vorbind despre antreprenoriat, cum se comporta antreprenorii in situatii limita si mai multe consideratii despre cei care au norocul de a se naste cu astfel de abilitati. M-am regasit in 80% din ce a spus el ceea ce mi-a confirmat ca “it is nothing wrong with me!”. Cu Alain am comunicat de cateva ori pe Linkedin dar nu l-am intalnit niciodata. Inainte de speech am vorbit cu el 10 minute care mi-au reconfirmat cat de important este sa ai un “Mastermind”, adica un grup … Continue reading 10 minute cu Alain Cardon

Every Day is Saturday

Wouldn’t want to have in every day of your life the feeling that “In Every Day is Saturday” an to have that weekend – holiday feeling? Every Day is Saturday is one of the newest personal development programs available in the internet and started by the motivational speaker Sam Crowley. It consists in 6 CD’s which are delivered free of charge anywhere in the world (you just have to pay for shipping and handling). Please give it a look here. Continue reading Every Day is Saturday

EDUARDO SOLÉR * Entrepreneur / Photographer * California, USA “Determination n Business” Interview by Karla Darocas

With Karls Darocas I correspond via She sent me yesterday a link to this interview and I decided to re-publish because it touches core issues regarding the determination which is needed to succeed in any business. What is that energetic determination, which incites entrepreneurs and deal-makers, artists and investors? In this issue of New Frontier, California-based entrepreneur-photographer Eduardo Solér shares his driving forces and gives some insights on “determination” in business. “Having your own business, is the whole package”, explains Eduardo Solér. “When you have a skill or craft, and you’ve invested your education, capital, and then you put … Continue reading EDUARDO SOLÉR * Entrepreneur / Photographer * California, USA “Determination n Business” Interview by Karla Darocas

Steve Jobs revine la conducerea Apple la sfarsitul lunii iunie

Directorul general al Apple, Steve Jobs, aflat in concediu medical de la inceputul anului 2009, va reveni la conducerea companiei la sfarsitul lunii iunie, potrivit unei surse apropiate situatiei, citata de Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Jobs, in varsta de 54 de ani, a anuntat in ianuarie ca va reveni la munca la sfarsitul lunii iunie, iar reprezentanti ai companiei au afirmat in repetate randuri ca el a continuat sa se implice in deciziile strategice. Un purtator de cuvant al Apple nu a putut fi contactat pentru informatii. Unii analisti si investitori au fost ingrijorati ca Jobs, care a suferit de … Continue reading Steve Jobs revine la conducerea Apple la sfarsitul lunii iunie

Words of Wisdom: Diversify to Succeed

REALTOR® Emeritus L. Harrell Pendleton attributes his successful, five-decade career to hard work and intrepid investing. Find out more about how he kept his business strong in good times and bad. How did you get started in real estate?   PENDLETON: I got into it by accident. I was working for a local movie theater as a projectionist and part-time manager in the late 1940s. I was in my early 20s and had just returned from a tour of duty with the army in Japan. But between shifts at the movie house, I helped out my stepfather, W.S. Holdway, with his … Continue reading Words of Wisdom: Diversify to Succeed