Work Dress Code posted by Mr. Trump on Trump Blog

In the summer, many offices have problems with how employees dress. When the temperature soars, it’s as if common sense disappears. People stop wearing appropriate clothes and out come the flip-flops and the skimpy attire that’s certainly at home on the beach or on the weekends, but not in most businesses.

I hear from employers that this is particularly true of young people who are working at their first jobs. They just have no idea how to dress for work, so it’s an employer’s place to either tell them or to put a dress code in writing.

I’ve always been fairly outspoken about the importance of a professional appearance. How you present yourself speaks volumes about you before you ever open yourself. I’ve been unable to believe in even the strongest job candidates with the most unbelievable resumes when they come into my office dressed like utter slobs. Presentation is critical.

For employers who have to deal with inappropriately dressed staffers, the point is simple. Explain to them that how they dress sends a message not only to you (their boss), but also to coworkers, customers and clients. There’s a certain image you need to convey and they are the messengers of that image.

Of course, many companies have a creative or very casual atmosphere and that’s reflected in the way their employees dress. I think there’s a way to dress creatively and even casually while still looking professional. Then everybody wins.

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