Me, myself and I

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Hi, I’m Adrian Niculescu. I am married with Cristina and the father of two beautiful daughters Sara (8) and Aylin (3). I’m 43 years old. I work way more than most of the human beings even if I could spend all day partying and laying on the beach. But I am very passionate about what I’m doing so do my best to leave a mark on this world through my contribution as

Marketing Expert | Keynote Speaker | Fintech Investor | Online and Real Estate Entrepreneur | Media Producer

I had both great achievements and big failures, I laugh as much possible on a daily basis and cry in average once every 6 months so quoted here some of my experience:

+ 20 years business experience in building and developing companies
+ 10,000 students in my online and offline marketing and business courses since 2013
+ 30 tech start-ups mentored since 2014
+ I work also on Saturday since I was 17 years old
+ 500 gigs spoken at events, consulted, coach, mentored on all continents since 2010
+ 250 real estate transactions completed since 2008
+ copywriting skills: sales pages, e-mails, funnels, Facebook Ads & Ads on other platforms
+ tech skills: Clickfunnels, Sales Manago, Infusionsoft, Leadpages, Facebook
+ marketing skills: marketing strategies, product & startup launches

Every year I travel to 20 – 30 countries speaking in conferences and consulting for medium and large companies. My talks and consulting are based on my own practical experience so they are not theory and the advice is always made of stuff which can be applied starting the next day. The subjects are mostly related to entrepreneurial mindset, crypto and digital currencies, how to use the technologies like Blockchain and Raida in business,  digital marketing especially for non tech professionals and how to generate leads, sales and clients using branding and social media.

I write for big media including Startup Grind and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, my blog, author books, create content for my growing social media family, courses, coaching programs and made a promise to myself and The Almighty to help as much people succeed by teaching them everything I know. As I see the investment in ourselves being the most important investment I’ve spent a small fortune and years of my life doing everything I could so to become the best version of myself (by the way, this is an ongoing process until will pass in a different dimension). This became my foundation for helping others elevate their personal and professional life and it will be a continuous process all through my life here on Earth.

Contributor to Startup Grind – 24 Steps To Create The Ideal Buyer Persona – Today ,


Contributor to Thrive Global – Why many big companies want to teach their employees about entrepreneurial mindset?

The Huffington Post – The 25 habits of the eventual millionaires  & more.




Besides formal education – MBA (Cnam Paris), EMBA (Business School Netherlands), Train The Trainer, Strategic Management, People Management, Company Organization and Real Estate brokerage I embraced the life education being a Landmark Graduate and following the teachings of Anthony Robbins and Bob Proctor.

Especially due to my extensive expertise in the area of sales and marketing I currently hold non-executive roles in various projects and work directly with start-ups, medium and multinational companies in developing marketing and business development strategies. Oftentimes I am involved in brokering real estate properties and other assets.

I’ve became a marathon runner at 38 years old, by overcoming a limiting belief that I couldn’t run more than 1 km. This belief was based on a period of 11 years – from 7 to 18 years old when I was diagnosticated with severe asthma which caused a lot of struggle and pain for myself and my family. By running I support various charities around the world and inspire others to live more healthy lives. I love music, my first job was as radio DJ at 17 years old so as part of my very busy schedule I share the gift of music and the good life through the DJ project The GlobTrotters

Since July 2014 I am involved in the development of the Dubai based company accelerator and incubator Faster Capital and since March 2017 I am CMO EMEA for CloudCoin Consortium the organization behind the digital currency CloudCoin. I consider myself a guy who is pushing the humanity forward through his craft as an entrepreneur and have as a life pitch:” I am ready anytime and anywhere to inspire and bring value into the life of others”. Here you can find my main social media profiles, a link to subscribe to my weekly newsletters and feel free to contact me via e-mail to adrian(at) I respond to all messages just that no very fast most of the times.

Thank you for your time!
I respond very fast to all messages and I am always happy to help new clients all over the world, be pitched for C-Level Positions, Non Executive Board Positions, Speaking, Writing for Big Media, Consulting Gigs and other projects.


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7 thoughts on “Me, myself and I

  1. salut Adrian ,

    felicitari Domnu , un depozit foarte mare de cunostiinte !

    la mai mare
    weekend placut
    razvan c

  2. Cu respect va informam cu suntem atit eu cit si asociatul meu, Alex originari din Romania. Poate ajuta in comunicari. Suntem stabiliti in California de peste 32 de ani. Sunt in real estate business de aproximativ 26 ani cu experienta in vinzari si investiti imobiliare.
    Cu stima
    Horen Mangu
    Capital M Investments
    916 849 3325 Oficiu
    916 989 1155 Fax

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