Is Your Job Recession-Proof? posted by Mr. Trump on Trump Blog

Even with the bad economy and weak job growth, there are still several fields that will survive – and possibly even thrive – during hard times.

The analysts at say that at least five industries keep expanding their hiring so if you’re looking for a job, here are some that are relatively recession-proof.

First is education. No matter what happens to the economy, schools will always need great skilled teachers and administrators.
The energy industry will also continue to grow. There will be plenty of jobs related to alternative and renewable energy, as well as oil, gas, and even nuclear energy.
With so many companies “going green,” the environmental industry is also creating many new jobs as they look for engineers and scientists to develop eco-friendly technology.
Nearly half of the fastest-growing jobs are in the health field, including medical assistants, physical therapists and home health aides.
Finally, in today’s world, there will always be a need for security – whether in airports, at U.S. borders or in corporations.
So don’t give up if you’re job hunting. There are plenty of fields where the opportunities are still out there.

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