Laid Off? Try Cosmetic Surgery posted by Mr. Trump on Trump blog

With today’s economy, unfortunately more and more people are finding themselves without jobs. Different people, of course, handle the situation in different ways. Some jump headfirst back into the job hunt, polishing their resumes and interviewing skills. Others take some time off to regroup and maybe consider a career change. But there’s a newer, growing trend. Some people are turning toward plastic surgery.

Apparently, a lot of people figure that they need an edge in order to appeal to prospective employers so they go under the knife or at least settle for some Botox. They think that no matter how experienced or talented they might be, first impressions mean a lot. And if you don’t look good – and oftentimes, that means looking young – that can thoroughly affect how other people perceive you.

There have been all sorts of studies that have found that attractive people tend to earn more money and are promoted more than their less attractive peers. But I’m not sure that that’s a good enough reason to get a nose job or liposuction.

Still, people are doing it. A survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that two-thirds of surgeons said they’d treated patients seeking to remain competitive in the workplace last year.

I guess if it’s something you want to do, then by all means, do it. But I think a new nose or less wrinkly eyes aren’t going to get you a good job. It’s all about your track record and what you can do. Not how you look. I’d suggest working on your resume, not your face.

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