How to get more clicks from your links in the Youtube video description boxes below your videos



Youtube is the world’s 2nd search engine and video marketing is one of the most important marketing medium. The generations X nd Y need more photo and video content than text and they are used to learn new things this way. The tips are provided by Rick Hodge, online marketer and one of my JV partners:


#1. It’s important to remember that people have a short attention span. So it’s important to keep videos short if your intention is to get the link below clicked.

#2. Point out your link below with annotations, watermark, arrows in the video, and verbal mentioning of it. It works best if you combine text that says ” please click the link below to get ________ right now ” add arrows and/or annotations if possible.

#3. Make sure your link has the http:// infront of it when you put it in the description box. This is the only format that can be used to make your link clickable.

#4. Make sure your link is the very first thing in your description box. Otherwise it will not get seen. Also mention to Click Here Now for _____ after the link. This helps get more clicks.

#5. Make sure you use keywords in your titles for your videos, along with the tags.

#6. Share your video on as many sites as possible so Youtube detects an increase in views on your video, and will then give it a better rank!


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