Really, How To Claim in average 5,000 eur per 90 minutes of public speaking? (Article No 3 of 5 #publicspeakingmastery)

Thank you again for the feedback received to the first two articles published about how to build a lucrative public speaking business:

1. 10 Insiders Secrets To Grow Your Public Speaking Business Fast From 0 to 6 Figures in Less Than One Year

2. How would you like to be paid at a minimum 5,000 eur for a 90 minutes speaking gig? And some shocking information about how much fake there is in public speaking

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During the last weekend I’ve received 32 messages on e-mail and Facebook with questions regarding various aspects of building your public speaking business.

You can earn this amount in two ways: as a speaking fee or from sales of products and services at the end of the panel.

Let’s discuss about the fee model:

If a company will hire you for a speech will have a certain objective or a set of objectives: either to show their stuff how to … let’s say double the sales or to motivate them to be proactive or to bond a team together and the booker will not necessarily analyse yoyur fee (of course will do this). But he or she will analyse how your skills, knowledge and the speaking itself will help the audience reach a certain goal. Or a company may hire you to present at conferences a product, service of opportunity. So be prepared all the time to show your value, why a client should hire you and it will be pretty easy based on that to claim the fee. Of course be willing to negociate but not in decreasing the fee but in adding a workshop or a second speech at a discounted rate.

Now, let’s look at the sales of products and services at the end of your speech.

Well, this model will be hard to implement when you speak for a company but can lead to a corporate sale – a coahing or a training for a portion of the company’s staff. But, when you speak in open events and certain type of conferences you can structure your speech so 75% to be content, valuable content delivered to the audience and 25% a pitch for a product or service. In this type of events the pricing of the products/ services offered in Usd/ Eur/ Gbp are 497, 997, 1497, 1997, 2497, 2997, up to 4997 and more and most of the time the organiser will take a portion of the sales – up to 50% and its team will process the sales and payments.
The calculation is simple: Imagine that you speak to an audience of 100 persons and 10 (10% is s small figure anyway) will buy your Eur 997 training and coaching program. If you give 50% of the sales to the organiser – now you have your almost 5 k eur.

In the next article will let you know 15 life changing and business booming advantages you will acquire if you will develop the public speaking skills.

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