15 life changing and business booming advantages you will acquire if you become a better public speaker (Article No 4 of 5 #publicspeakingmastery)

Thank you again for the feedback received to the first three articles published about how to build a lucrative public speaking business:

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Well, I suppose that most of you know who Warren Buffet is. He is considered world’s best investor today and his annual report is read by millions of investors from savvy multimillionaires to starters. His results are second to none and when he makes a move into one direction thousands are following him immediatly.

public speaking mastery 4
It’s no doubt about the fact that Warren Buffet has authority when we are speaking about investing but what this have to do with public speaking?
Well, very few people know that when he was 19 years old and started the carrer he was very keen to acquire public speaking skills and he even recognises that these are some of the skills which brought his professional life to the stage it is today.
I don’t think that anybody can say that Mr. Buffet has a public speaking career but he used the skills in his own advantage.
Based on my experience speaking I thought to continue the series of #publicspeakingmastery articles with “15 life changing and business booming advantages you will acquire if you become a better public speaker “.

And here they are:
1. The fear to speak in front of an audience is considered the second fear after death. By mastering this fear you will gain insights which will help you to master many other fears you have. Don’t forget that many speakers today are not great but they do it and this is the #1 reason they have an audience and succeed;
2. By learning to speak in public your confidence levels will skyrocket. You will deliver content and value, thrill audiences and your ego will soar. Some people will see you as a god … so don’t take advantage of this fact;
3. You will learn and master the art of presentations. You will be able to transmit certain information and be sure that it was understood the message you wanted to transmit and nothing else.
4. You will sell more. Well, maybe you will say that you don’t work in sales but when you take a new job you sell your most important asset: yourself. So no matter what you are selling you will sell more and better;
5. People will perceive you in a different way: you will have a different posture, the smile will be different and many folks will ask: what you are doing?
6. You will develop a very lucrative career (if you want): presenting at conferences, selling from the stage, training, coaching and mentoring gigs are at your fingertips. Just choose the niches where you have the most of the expertise and go further with everything.
7. You will learn certain mental triggers which make people buy or not but. When you pitch a project for clients, partners of investors you will understand what they are looking for, their feedback before they will tell you and will have astinishing results, almost guaranteed.
8. Say family – your family is your dearest audience. By learning how to speak in public you will be thrilled about what benefits this will bring to the relations with your children (if you have children) and your family overall.
9. When you speak in front of an audience you need to look great or at least good. So you will dress better, will workout more, will improve your overall image so you will have a lot of shifts.
10. By speaking in front of an audience and join the public speakers league you will meet amazing people you can’t meet anywhere else and will have access to many thought leaders, multimillionaires.
11. It will be very easy to claim in average and over time much more than Eur 5000 for a 90 minutes of speaking – show me how many careers can do that for you?
12. Just by starting and seeing the opportunities ahead you will create a speaking empire – courses, trainings, masterminds, webinars because – you will meet the people who will help you to put them on the market.
13. Public speakers travel in front of the plane and in the back of the car. When you are booked for speaking abroad you travel business class, stay in 4+ stars hotels and … live a good life.
14. Many speaking gigs allow you to take the family with you so you will create so many maging moments for them.
15. You know, the time passes anyway – we can’t change that so by becoming a public speaker you build your own legacy and a future you will be proud of.

My results as a public speaker, the financial results were very poor at the beginning of my public speaker journey. The results shifted when I got myself a mentor, somebody who already had the results I wanted to have and started to learn from him.
In the last #5 article from the series I will write about the streams of income you can develop as a public speaker and will reveal a limited opportunity to work with me personally to develop your public speaking skills and develop a lifestyle business based on those skills.
So look for the next article later today!

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