First Ever Video App Platform – You Have To See This

If you remember, some time ago I’ve sent more info about a platform launched which helps you to create mobile apps for you and your clients without coding –

We live quite exciting times, what to say …

Every once in a while you get to see something that is the first of it’s kind! Today is one of those days because this weekend it was launched comething which combines two of the hottest things in todays market!

Check this out!


Right now video and mobile apps are absolutely the two hottest things going. There has never been something that combines the two until now and it’s impressive! The platform allows you to publish “Video Mobile Apps” using their done-for-you templates and their developer account making the system dead simple.

The system has 4 Video App Income Streams you can exploit:

Income Stream #1: App Store Downloads with your engaging Video content

Income Stream #2: In-app ad monetization via RevMob, AdMob & iAd

Income Stream #3: Video affiliate offers

Income Stream #4: In-app purchases & subscriptions

But that’s just touching the surface. As there are other aspects such as:
1. Kindle Apps

2. PayPal, Clickbank & integrations

3. eCommerce POS system

4. Geo-location to create Local Business Apps

5. Social media suite & coupons

6. The list goes on and on and on…

There’s a price increase that’s happening very soon so jump on this one quick!

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