What products and services you can create and sell online and from the stage as a public speaker? (Article No 5 of 5 #publicspeakingmastery)

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tony robbins sales funnel


As written before, if we consider public speaking a business and not a hobby you will be paid either through a fee or you will promote your own products and services to the audiences and will create beautiful streams of income and not just new clients but raving fans.


“Selling from the stage”, the way public speakers pitch products and services at the end of their talks is a science  and an industry most people don’t have a clue about.
No matter if you sell products in Eur/ Gbp/ Usd, the price levels starts with Usd 497 (Eur or Gbp) and goes to 997, 1297, 1497, 1997, 2497, 4997 … the most expensive program sold this way had a price of around 20,000 Eur and people from the audience rushed to buy it … I was astonished.
What products yoiu can create? most of them are in the training and coaching area but also you can pitch physical workshops, 1 to 1 mentoring and even retreats.
If you promote yourself online – because you will need to have an online presence will be mandatory to create sales funnels starting with offering free gifts – courses, reports, ebooks in exchange of name and address and promoting $17, $47, $97 products …. up to the high ticket ones 997 and up.
Anthony Robbins has such a funnel where you start receiving something for free and some of the clients arrive to spend Usd 60,000 … insane.
After you develop a database you can organise retreats – invite 10 – 20 people to Maui for example to spend a weekend with you and pay Usd 10,000 or more. Between you and me many speakers from such a retreat buy that property which is rented afterwards (become an income producing asset) and the next retreat – you will see that will take place in other location/ city/ country.
Of course, these results are not typical but imagine yourself living in such a way. Those business models completely blowed my mind and I’ve dedicated 3 years to study them, apply for myself and teaching others how to do it. After refining everything I know about public speaking and at the request of some of my coaching clients I am opening today an opportunity to work for me three months and develop an amazing business from your passion to speak in front of an audience. More detail here about Public Speaking Mastery Training & Coaching Program here.

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