11 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page to Get Great Results

You can figure yourself that Facebook represents a huge and tremendous source fo traffic. Most of your friends, business partners, potential friends and clients are already there or will be in the nearest future. The social networking is also accessible on mobile devices so it is always there!

A Facebook page will not only help you gain more traffic for your website, blog or both but will also gain more credibility for you and the brand you represent.

Basically, this social network has more that 400 million users and in average, everyone of them spends 55 per day connected. Also the average user has 130 friends and fans 2 pages per month. Also the Fan Box is becoming more pervasive. If you feel that the page you built to promote something like a product or an idea using this social network doesn’t perform, don’t delete it because there are ways to make it better!

A recent study by Sysomos conducted on 600,000 pages showed that 4% have more than 10,000 fans and 0.76% more than 100,000 fans. Also the study revealed a small correlation between how frequently the admin of the page updates the contant and total number of fans. This doesn’t mean that an empty page will attract fans, so you have to do some work anyway. Besides Wall posts you have to add photos, videos, links and other content. Also be as informative as possible.

Such a page can be a very good asset for your online business if you do it and promote it properly.
Where can you promote it?

1. A link or badge on your website
2. Fan Box
3. Resource Box on articles/blog
4. Email newsletters
5. Include a link in your profile from other social networks
6. Google Buzz profile
7. Include it in your business card
8. Signage
9. Email Signatures
10. Adverstisements
11. Forum posts signature

Also please pay attention of your Facebook analytics and stats. Also observe the best pages in your domain and inspire yourself. But also be creative, don’t just copy.

– Participate and make it routine
– Ask questions
– Host events on your page
– Highlight contributions from others
– Go beyond just text
– Integrate your other online presences
– Take it easy with apps, boxes, etc.
– Run offline events, if you can

One thing you want to do is pay attention to your Facebook analytics. Pay attention to stats. Pay attention to changes Facebook makes in this area. For example, recently it was discovered that some admins were starting to see impression counts for each post, as well as the number of likes and comments for each impression. Like Baer says, test content types to see what works best.

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