How to Get Fresh Links to Old Content For Better Search Rankings

Mr. Matt Cutts, a specialist from Google stated in a web interview that: “In order to prevent things from becoming stale, we tend to use the current link graph rather than a link graph of all of time”.

The small and medium internet entrepreneurs which are not connected all the time to the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimization know the power of the quality links pointing to their web projects. The issue appears when the sites pointing to your projects disappears. It is a reality that the search engines need fresh content so it comes in our attention the notion of “link velocity”.

This refers to the speed at which the new links to a webpage are built. In the past great bursts of new links to a specific page were considered a red flag and one of the quickest way to identify a spammer trying to manipulate results by creating the appearance of user trust. This was the primary cause of the battle between the search engines and the link farms or paid link directories.

But now, due to the advantages of social bookmarking, embedded videos, links, buttons, badges, social networks and real-time networks like Twitter and Friendfeed all became very interactive. Certainly the age of a website is still an indicator that we are dealing with serious stuff which builds trust. But in the same time, the age of a link as well as the slow velocity of incoming links may show a stale content in a world were freshness became the rule of the game.

So the best way to obtain fresh links all the time are listed below:

1. Add quality, powerfull content and as original as possible. You can link to old content if you publish updates on ever-lasting topics;

2. Allow users to share your content by including buttons which will enable sharing what you publish in the main social networks;

3. Your old content have to be presented in similar templates as the new content having also the sharing available;

4. Go back to the old content and rewrite stuff which is relevant to the readers;

5. If you use a blog, allow people to comment both on new and old content;

6. Share old posts in social networks if they are still relevant to a new audience; In every day there are more an more people accessing the web and the social networks so new audience appears all the time.

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