Leverage the Power Of Linkedin For Your Website or Blog

Linkedin is seen like a powerful social network focused on professionals where job seekers and employers share information. If you own a website or a blog, this can be a very valuable tool to drive targeted visitors which can become later paying clients.

Linked is considered to have the highest average household income per user, much bigger than in any other social networking site. This means that the members have resources to buy your products or services if you convince them.

In order to maximize your presence in this social network and get more leads and order there are 11 recommendations:

1. Complete your profile – add your training skills, studies, previous jobs and ask for recommendations from fellow members you know;
2. Increase the number of connections based on your interests;
3. Add links to your websites and blogs which will be seen in your profile;
4. If other members will ask you something using the internal emailing system, don’t hesitate to answer back;
5. Update your status at leat one a week to show to other members what you are doing from the professional side;
6. Join groups which can interest you – you wil be able to receive updates from the other members as well as you will be able to send updates to the whole group; just consider trhat some of the groups have +30,000 members;
7. Post comments in groups – this will help a lot to build your expert status and also will allow other members to send their feedback;
8. Add RSS feeds to groups – this will enlarge your communication features with the groups;
9. Add through an application your WordPress blog to the profile and everybody will be able to see your last three posts;
10. Post presentations to SlideShare and add them to your profile;
11. Create a group, grow it and manage it.

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