Facebook History Revealed

Here is the short history of Facebook, the biggest social networking site from the planet. What begins as an online place for college students to know each other has been transformed into a global online phenomenon. Facebook, or TheFaceBook as it was called at the beginning was launched in 4th of February, 2004. Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard University student started the site as a way for his fellow students from Harvard to get to know each other. At that time, the site was opened only for certain students and it wasn’t perceived as a business even it has funds at … Continue reading Facebook History Revealed

11 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page to Get Great Results

You can figure yourself that Facebook represents a huge and tremendous source fo traffic. Most of your friends, business partners, potential friends and clients are already there or will be in the nearest future. The social networking is also accessible on mobile devices so it is always there! A Facebook page will not only help you gain more traffic for your website, blog or both but will also gain more credibility for you and the brand you represent. Basically, this social network has more that 400 million users and in average, everyone of them spends 55 per day connected. Also … Continue reading 11 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page to Get Great Results