Romania Impresses the Best

I found this very interesting article published:
Romania is making its mark with all the right people and institutions. Standard & Poor, the financial evaluation agency, have recently upgraded Romania’s banking industry risk assessment profile, reflecting the healthy growth and profitability of the banking sector. In addition, specialist investors in private equity funds have given the green light to Romania, along with Poland, voting them the most attractive destinations for Western risk capital investment funds.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 100 specialists in private equity funds took part in a poll conducted by Mergermarket and more than two thirds of them agreed that emerging European markets, particular Romania and Poland, will attract larger investments next year than Asia, Russia and South Africa. 71% of those taking part in the poll said that authorities should implement fiscal incentives to stimulate foreign investment and that is exactly what the Romanian government is doing. In an effort to make Romania more business-friendly, they government has approved a new law offering incentives to foreign investors. The law is a response to the staggering 60% annual surge in foreign investment in Romania during the first months of 2008 and means that foreign investors will receive the same incentives as Romanians. The government will also offer aid for investment projects in a range of business sectors within Romania.
Please see the whole article here!

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