Invest with the Best in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Obelisk Property Investment is pleased to announce the launch of the Fontana Residence, located in one of the world’s most dynamic investment destinations. Comprising 65 apartments, the Fontana Residence is set in one of Romania’s most picturesque valleys in Cluj-Napoca – Romania’s top investment spot and major employment centre. With an average price of around €115,000, the Fontana Residence offers investors the potential to earn a massive 242% return on investment over 5 years.

Romania may be one of the EU’s youngest members, but just 18 months after EU accession, it is also one of its most promising. At a time when many countries are deep in the grips of the global credit crunch, Romania’s GDP growth for the 1st quarter of 2008 reached a staggering 8.2%. Such remarkable growth is mainly due to a 32% hike in the construction industry as well as phenomenal confidence in Romania as an investment destination. Not for nothing have foreign investors earmarked Romania as one of the world’s top countries for investment.
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