A Guide to Romania Property Investment

Romania’s recent entry into the European Union has had many international property investors standing up and taking notice of the nation’s rapidly emerging and developing real estate market. The buzz is definitely centred upon Romania become a big player on the emerging property market scene… With strong political leadership, incredible landscapes and a history that is rich and worth exploring, the reasons why Romania is becoming so popular and likely to remain in demand are obvious. Here are just 10 of the major factors driving confidence in Romania’s property market.. 1. European Union Entry Inspires Property Investor Confidence in Romania … Continue reading A Guide to Romania Property Investment

Beat the credit crunch and invest in real estate abroad

The crisis periods are very good periods to buy if you have liquidities. The possibilities of obtaining a better price are bigger than in usual situations and you have more chences to secure a good deal. Our website offers you extremely competitive oportunities for acquisitions in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Panama, Romania, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. All projects featured were carefully selected and the due dilligence process was very strict in order to offer you some of the safest investments available on today’s market. Please visit our Property Abroad website here. Continue reading Beat the credit crunch and invest in real estate abroad

OPP- helping Romanian developers establish overseas networks

For many Romanian developers, selling property to overseas buyers can seem a daunting task, requiring a re-think of marketing activities and an understanding of how to interact with agents. However, in reality, the philosophies of doing business remain the same, according to Tibor Fuchsel, territory manager at Overseas Property Professional (OPP). Fuchsel says: “The shift in mindset isn’t as great as some may fear – the fundamentals of the business remain the same. You want to sell property through an intermediary and – whether you use a domestic agent, based in Romania selling to Romanians, or an overseas agents selling … Continue reading OPP- helping Romanian developers establish overseas networks

Romania Impresses the Best

I found this very interesting article published: Romania is making its mark with all the right people and institutions. Standard & Poor, the financial evaluation agency, have recently upgraded Romania’s banking industry risk assessment profile, reflecting the healthy growth and profitability of the banking sector. In addition, specialist investors in private equity funds have given the green light to Romania, along with Poland, voting them the most attractive destinations for Western risk capital investment funds. According to the Wall Street Journal, 100 specialists in private equity funds took part in a poll conducted by Mergermarket and more than two thirds … Continue reading Romania Impresses the Best