Shukar Collective @ “The Night of The AdEaters, Bucharest, 2008”

I like music and I like advertising.

“The Night of The AdEaters” /”La Nuit Des Publivores”/”Noaptea Devoratorilor de Publicitate” is an event I like to attend every year. It is a professional duty to attend but also an opportunity to mix business and pleasure.

The Night of the AdEaters is a show that now runs in more that 40 countries worldwide dedicated to showing the production of advertising among 60 different nationalities on the Big Screen and in a crazy atmosphere!

It’s the opportunity to fling open a window on the world and for six hours to get a taste of what Russian, Asian, African, and South American advertisers serve up. It’s a chance, too, to discover spots from lands as diverse as Mongolia, Iraq and even the Guarani region of India!

The Night of the AdEaters : more than 40 countries / 160 cities

Created in 1981 by Jean Marie Boursicot, The Night of the Adeaters quickly conquered France and the rest of the world. More than 160 cities throughout the world sign on to the tour annually, from Tokyo to Paris, including as well Moscow, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Hong Kong or Geneva.

On the menu are 500 films, 480 of which have never been shown in this format, and the fare always has plenty of appeal and more than a few surprises! International, exotic, even historic in flavor (going from 1898 to the present), the offering translates the vitality and the trends from the different parts of the world of advertising.

A Night full of surprises!

Depending on the city where it is held, the Night of the Adeaters brings a lot of additional shows, such as performances of DJ’s, laser shows and many more. A lot of surprises and presents are prepared for every visitor!

This year I attended this event which was sponsored by Orange Romania. The biggest problem of the event was the hall which was the host especially because in the middle of the summer the air conditioning instalation was out of service and even if it is renovated outside, the inside is like-an-apartment-during-the-party-before-renovation.

But the content of the show was excellent. Also, the opening act was a band I know, s special one called Shukar Collective. The hall was innapropriate for them … please see the video:

But the band was veeery special. About them?
The Shukar Collective was born from the meeting of new generation musicians with the gypsy traditions of Shukar founders Napoleon, Tamango and Clasic. Shukar play ursari music (ursar means ‘bear tamer’ or ‘bear handler’) using spoons, wooden barrels or darabouka to create a powerful and urgent sound that is emotional and soulful at the same time. Urban Gypsy combines Shukar’s original ursari music with the new technology of the collective, resulting in their distinctive sound.

The inspiration for Shukar’s music comes from many years ago, when the Tatars and Mongolians invaded Dacia (Romania’s ancestral name). Shukar’s vintage original sound is called ursari music (ursar means ‘bear tamer’ or ‘bear handler’) – a few men sing, shout and play percussive instruments while a bear ‘dances’ around them. This practice still goes on in some countries unfortunately, although Shukar gave up this awful custom many years ago and are now only concerned with the sound aspect of the ursari experience. The music is very powerful and ‘aggressive’ but emotional and soulful at the same time. When they perform, Shukar use primitive ‘instruments’ such as spoons, wooden barrels or darabouka.

The Shukar Collective idea came about after Lucian Stan and Dan Handrabur heard some original Shukar tracks and saw them perform in a well-known Bucharest jazz club. The idea behind the project consisted of re-orchestrating these fabulous folkloric pieces with current technologies, while preserving and emphasizing the original aspect.

Shukar’s original members are Napoleon Constantin, Tamango and Clasic. They have released music with Taraf De Haïdouks, the well-known gypsy band that has toured in Europe and the USA. Tamango is the leader of the pack and infuses the band with the folkloric music passed onto him by his forefathers.

Skukar Collective’s website and Skukar Collective’s My Space page.

“Malademna” is their song which I like the most! Enjoy!

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