The five best lead generation with LinkedIn

I always say to my students in workshops that at the end of the day in social media matters the number of leads you acquired for your business. It is on the most important metrics to take into consideration!

LinkedIn provides one of the best platform for connecting with various professionals and businesses that provides you the opportunity to drive in traffic. LinkedIn profile also helps in lead generation for your website.

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Due to high global reach and extended user engagement, it creates high leads on social media. Below are the certain ways to attract high quality leads and gain more sales. Continue reading “The five best lead generation with LinkedIn”

How effective is Linkedin for Internet Marketing?

Linkedin is by far the 1st social media website to focus on in 2015. I would say that the 2nd place should be shared between Instagram and Facebook and the 3rd place is owned by Youtube.  Many of the readers of my blog are internet marketers, digital products sellers, affiliates, trainers, coaches, mentors and business owners. I will publish in the next days many materials about doing social media marketing the right way and started with Linkedin.

Internet Marketers are business owners who sell their products and services online from websites. Working online brings much advantage since he can reach people all over the world and entice them to buy their products. However, any business is always on the lookout for even more ways to promote their company, get more customers and make more profits, and LinkedIn can do that for Internet Marketers.
All of the Fortune 500 businesses have formed accounts on LinkedIn, which shows you that this platform is taken seriously in the business world. Nearly every second another business is forming an account on LinkedIn as well and as of this year it has more than 350 million users, many of which are Internet Marketers with the same hopes to make profits and grow their business as any other company.

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Ad Agencies Love LinkedIn But Not Slideshare

mark-sneider-hed-2013When hunting for new business, agency leaders have embraced the use of social media platforms, but only the most established hubs.

In a new poll from RSW/US—shared exclusively with Adweek—46 percent of 300 agency honchos described LinkedIn as the “most important” social media vehicle for generating new business leads, well above blogging (24 percent), Facebook and Twitter (both at 14 percent) and Google (just 2 percent). The same poll, though, found that only 21 percent use SlideShare to market their agencies to prospective clients.

Interestingly, SlideShare has been around nearly as long as LinkedIn—seven years compared to 10. So, both are ancient in the realm of social media, but obviously LinkedIn is a bigger name in b-to-b networking.

“It’s more top of mind. It’s a little bit more corporate,” explained Mark Sneider, president of RSW/US, a Cincinnati-based new business consultancy.

Also, LinkedIn “requires the least amount of effort to maintain and use effectively,” Sneider said. “All I have to do is to invite somebody into my network and now I have a network.”

Podcasting goes back even further than LinkedIn or SlideShare but like SlideShare, is seldom used in marketer prospecting. More than three-quarters of the poll respondents don’t use podcasts—or blogs, for that matter—to connect with prospects. Why? Because, like Twitter, these tactics are time- and labor-intensive. Continue reading “Ad Agencies Love LinkedIn But Not Slideshare”

LinkedIn is Raising $1Bn; Could Acquisition Be In Store?

LinkedIn-Logo (2)LinkedIn, which already has $873 million of cash and short-term investments sloshing around, now is seeking to raise an extra $1 billion by selling freshly issued stock. What’s behind the fund-raising binge? Lots of possibilities — with acquisitions being the most interesting idea.

In a news release, LinkedIn ticked off all the standard, vague reasons that companies cite for raising more money. The Mountain View, Calif.-based social network for professionals says it wants to increase its financial flexibility and “further strengthen its balance sheet.” It adds that it might use the money for working capital, expanding its already hefty product development and field-sales teams, expanding abroad, general administrative matters, or
capital expenditures.

LinkedIn also says it may use some of the money for “potential strategic acquisitions of, or investments in, complementary businesses, technologies or other assets.” So far in its 10-year history, LinkedIn has done occasional small acquisitions, but nothing all that big. It paid $119 million for SlideShare last year, and $90 million for Pulse (a mobile news feed app-maker) earlier this year. Doubtless there are lots more venture-funded startups that wouldn’t mind negotiating a sale that would give them ready cash — and access to LinkedIn’s 238 million members.
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Curaj, concentrare si angajament

Am primit acest articol pe Linkedin de la grupul ZileleBiz, publicat de Valentin Ionescu, Project Manager at LEADERS Romania. Mi-a placut! Liderii de success dau dovada de curaj, concentrare si angajament “ Leadership Matters: Appreciate GE’s Immelt” a lui Todd Thomas aduce in prim-plan observatii relevante rezultate din studierea comportamentului unor leaderi precum Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, General Electric, John Stumpf, CEO, Wells Fargo si Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon. Curajul: Fiecare dintre acesti lideri si cei din jurul lor, demonstreaza curaj in ceea ce priveste luare deciziilor fara a tine cont de reactiile pietei, a mediei sau a publicului. Ei actioneaza … Continue reading Curaj, concentrare si angajament