NFTs for Beginners Crash Course

The NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are not something really new, they were here with us starting the ICO craze in 2017, but somehow, after 2020, they have started a new, upgraded life, and are considered as one of the next big things. They are a breed of unique digital assets — non-fungible, which are different from regular cryptos which are fungible (one can easily be replaced with the others). What is hard to digest for most of us is how these digital assets which range from art and music to in-game assets and luxury fashion, are selling like high-priced diamonds, sometimes in the range of hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at AIBC Summit in Dubai
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Logos joins and supports Central European Bitcoin Expo 2014 this weekend in Vienna

Until 6 months ago I didn’t even know how big the industry of virtual currencies or crypto currencies is and how many very specialised jobs were created in the last years to support it. In the meantime I had the privilege to start using my knowledge and experience and support the marketing team and the launch of a new (and) amazing player in this market – Logos. As in the last years I’ve attended RE/MAX European Conventions in Vienna – starting this year it will be in Barcelona I have to say that Vienna is a great choice for corporate events.



logos ecosystem


Vienna is getting ready to host the first Bitcoin conference in the region and at the same time becoming part of Logos Ecosystem! Central European Bitcoin Expo takes place this weekend at Technical University in Vienna, Austria, the

organizers are proud to announce a brand new partner for the conference, Logos.

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