Your Army of digital twins is waiting!

By going to many conferences where I am speaking I also spend a lot of time in the expo area looking to connect with new investors, and projects, and also reconnecting with people I know or I am already working with. I have an actual complex set of activities in the CMO/ CEO/ Advisor/ Venture Partner/ Startup Mentor & Investor areas so it is impossible to see me just standing with nothing to do. Yes, maybe from time to time, you could see me like this for a few minutes contemplating nice venues or ideas blowing my mind. If you remember, this newsletter is a little bit about what’s inside my head so expect some personal insights here also.

Adrian Niculescu speaker at AIBC Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One of the biggest things I struggle with is how I spend my 24 hrs a day, which is the limited time we always have. I am invited mainly here on Linkedin to a lot of calls by different potential contractors, where everybody wants to present and sell something. I respect the fact that everybody, including me, has to sell something, but my theory is that if I spend the whole day on calls, when do I have time for the real work? Remember … I am a person who likes to get his hands dirty in marketing, sales, and biz development, so I don’t just tell people what to do but have my share of ruthless execution.

Lately, as I was visiting Metaverse projects while being also involved in a few such projects was starting to create my avatars, becoming interested in how to maybe start using them as digital assistants, and outsourcing some specific tasks to them. The digital twin from the cover pic of this article for example is a pretty good dancer, better than how I am in the real life. He didn’t need many hours of training, it was simple & natural for him to … start dancing. For sure I will send him to virtual parties which will be impossible for me to attend, and for sure he will make a great figure. With so many Metaverses, I need to create a lot of digital twins, aka avatars, so probably, over time I will forget about some of them, but also will be very interested in how to use one of them on multiple platforms.

Interoperability of Metaverses is a very hot topic these days, nobody knows exactly how it will work, it is known just that it is extremely important that the avatar you build on Metaverses be compatible with other similar platforms. In a nutshell, to be able to send this digital twin to different parties in various Metaverses.

One of Adrian Niculescu’s digital twins dancing in one of the metaverses

I am wondering if I could create a digital twin which will be the version of myself who never procrastinate in doing things. If you know about something like this, please reach out to me :).

I really believe that the Metaverse is full of potential business opportunities, this being one of the reasons why I am dipping my toes with both hands in this space. There are a few things I am looking at in the Metaverse which are the things I consider important, which may also make you look at this space in a different way.

  1. Self-expression – people always put money into ideas they care about, and believe in, is what makes them feel that they are what they are. These elements can be expressed very well in the form of NFTs with pictures, music, and art in general, which can become valuable over time if they really have any intrinsic value.
  2. Collectibles – I believe everyone has a collection of something. I love to collect vinyl records, and CDs, I also have a stamp collection from childhood and others that are less important to me. As we are used to collecting stuff in the real world, there is a good chance that we may like to collect things in the digital world, which is a great use case for NFTs.
  3. Playing – we love to play, and ideally, we would like to see our work as play. The Metaverse has endless opportunities to keep us hooked for hours, and days, along with the fact that we can play with people who are far away on the other side of the world.
  4. Community – What Covid 19 did was to show … in your face … how important are the communities for us, how healing can be the sense of belonging. For brands, this is crucial information because they can leverage this (in an ethical manner), and allocate resources to build thriving communities around products, and services. Real success is when you succeed in creating something that people will consider their own, so they will not feel like buying, but picking/ using something which is already their own.
  5. Variety – The variety is one of the core human needs, and with Metaverse you get a lot of variety because there are so many Metaverses that are built. Of course, a lot of the projects we are seeing now being built will never be built :), but in the process will eat the money of the investors. Some of them may have tokens listed on a few decentralized, and centralized exchanges, others will not even see this stage. Of course, a minority will thrive, so we should figure out which would be to spend our Metaverse there, why not also buy some of their tokens if available, and also explore business opportunities in their virtual spaces.

With the digital twins I am creating, as mentioned above, my main concern now is how to delegate to them some tasks so they will become useful to me so I will not forget about them. Feel free to subscribe to my Linkedin newsletter. I also have a more in-depth newsletter on Substack –, feel free to subscribe there also.


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