The 7 beliefs of the most successful people

Yesterday I’ve published a blog post containing the 10 things I’ve learned after training more than 2900 students in marketing and social media marketing. One of the key elements is how important are our beliefs and how they simply control our life.

For example if you believe that you are a poor manager it will be impossible to run a company or if you believe that you are a bad father it will be very hard to treat your kids the right way.


The reality is that we have the capacity to change our beliefs and install in our mind the ones which resonate with our goals and the life purpose.


The 7 beliefs of the most successful people

Fortunately for us the success is already modeled – there are thousands of studies, interviews, books and articles about success and human behaviour. These being said, today it is easier than ever to copy models of success and to become a sighly successful person yourself.

After interviewing the most important businessmen, actors, musicians, sport performers Anthony Robbins found out a set of 7 beliefs which were used by the most of them:

1. Everything happens for a reason and is here to support me no matter what!

2. There is no such thing as failure in life, there are just results.

3. No matter what happens, be responsible and don’t blame others.

4. You don’t need to understand everything to be able to use it (for example nobody understand exactly what electricity is but we are happy to use it everywhere);

5. People and relationships are the most important assets;

6. Work = play;

7. There is no such thing as long and lasting success without commitment;

So if these are common to most of the highly successful people it simply means that by using or adapting them in our life we can simply achieve similar results.

In Mindset Optimizer I teach you how to change your beliefs because many of them are unconscious and they limit ourselves.
In just few hours I will reveal a huge secret that can change our lives for the better in a very short amount of time.

Watch this space and stay tuned.

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