15 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur

More and more articles about entrepreneurs and enterpreneurship can be founded here and today is not an exception. One of my oldest and ugliest beliefs – which was shifted was that the fittest people are not necessarily the smartest and succesful ones. Or something like wellness, fitness and muscles are not equal business success. Well, I don’t know how thos bel;ief was installed – probably from the childhood but the reality is that a great percentage of the most successful people I know are also avid sports doers. It’s not the majority, unfortunately, but if you don’t build your material wealth on super health, fitness and well being you miss incredible rewards.

Tony Hsieh, the chief of Zappos
Tony Hsieh, the chief of Zappos

Just found an interesting article about 15 signs that you’re an entrepreneur and these are:

1. You take action
2. You’re Insecure
3. You’re Crafty
4. You’re Obsessed With Cash Flow
5. You get into hot water
6. You’re fearless
7. You can’t sit still
8. You’re malleable
9. You enjoy navel gazing
10. You’re motivated by challenges
11. You consider yourself an outsider
12. You recover quickly
13. You fulfill needs
14. You surround yourself with advisors
15. You work and play hard

I have to say about me that the fact that I am insecure, combined with being motivated by challenge are the points where I find myself most of the time. Being more secure is connected with being certain so I have a lot of work to do on myself.

Micha Kaufman, the cofounder of Fiverr, the fast-growth online freelance marketplace snowboards and sails in addition to running the company and is a good example to follow.

Micha Kaufman, cofounder of Zappos
Micha Kaufman, cofounder of Fiverr.com

Here you can find the whole article along with the explanations to every of the points.

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