Is Your Brain Limiting Your Entrepreneurial Success?

Starting early 2011 I’ve become interested in reading a lot of resources about how brains work, how can we improve our lives and became in the process a huge fan of personal development. This is a tricky question:”Is your brain limiting your entrepreneurial success?” Continue reading Is Your Brain Limiting Your Entrepreneurial Success?

15 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur

More and more articles about entrepreneurs and enterpreneurship can be founded here and today is not an exception. One of my oldest and ugliest beliefs – which was shifted was that the fittest people are not necessarily the smartest and succesful ones. Or something like wellness, fitness and muscles are not equal business success. Well, I don’t know how thos bel;ief was installed – probably from the childhood but the reality is that a great percentage of the most successful people I know are also avid sports doers. It’s not the majority, unfortunately, but if you don’t build your material wealth on super health, fitness and well being you miss incredible rewards.

Tony Hsieh, the chief of Zappos
Tony Hsieh, the chief of Zappos

Just found an interesting article about 15 signs that you’re an entrepreneur and these are:

1. You take action
2. You’re Insecure
3. You’re Crafty
4. You’re Obsessed With Cash Flow
5. You get into hot water
6. You’re fearless
7. You can’t sit still
8. You’re malleable
9. You enjoy navel gazing
10. You’re motivated by challenges
11. You consider yourself an outsider
12. You recover quickly
13. You fulfill needs
14. You surround yourself with advisors
15. You work and play hard
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5 Secrets Entrepreneurs Will Never Reveal published recently an article about enterpreneurship highlighting 5 secrets Entrepreneurs Will Never Reveal.

The 5 secrets are:

1. It is lonely at the top. Yes, it’s cliché but that is what it feels like when you always have to make the final decision and bear the ultimate responsibility. You can get advice from a management team or an advisory board, but the buck stops with you. Remember: There are always upsides. When things go bad, it’s your responsibility. When things go well, you get to enjoy the profits.

2. They have doubt daily. For all the bravado, ego and beaming confidence, entrepreneurs daily have a crisis in confidence. They think – “what if I am wrong?” No amount of reassurance from customers, employees or advisors can quell this nagging fear. Remember: Every entrepreneur has doubts. An uncertain outcome is what makes the business so exciting.

3. They fear failure. As much as they say they value failure as a way to learn, they are scared when it happens to them and wonder if they will ever recover. Many times there is really nothing to learn from failure. Remember: When you do fail, learn what you can and then let go of it. This will give you another opportunity to succeed.
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EDUARDO SOLÉR * Entrepreneur / Photographer * California, USA “Determination n Business” Interview by Karla Darocas

With Karls Darocas I correspond via She sent me yesterday a link to this interview and I decided to re-publish because it touches core issues regarding the determination which is needed to succeed in any business. What is that energetic determination, which incites entrepreneurs and deal-makers, artists and investors? In this issue of New Frontier, California-based entrepreneur-photographer Eduardo Solér shares his driving forces and gives some insights on “determination” in business. “Having your own business, is the whole package”, explains Eduardo Solér. “When you have a skill or craft, and you’ve invested your education, capital, and then you put … Continue reading EDUARDO SOLÉR * Entrepreneur / Photographer * California, USA “Determination n Business” Interview by Karla Darocas