The Sun sends to Earth in one hour the amount of energy which can fill the necessities of our society for a full year

This weekend I’ve started to read Richard Branson’s Like a Virgin and as I reached the chapter about the green energies my eyes were caught by a weird idea concluded from the research made by one of the entities within Virgin group: The Sun sends to Earth in as little as one hour the amount of energy we all humans consume in one year. This idea proved one again the huge business potential which is hidden in the industry of renewable energies.

Of course, some may say that there are still territories where the electricity doesn’t exist but this is not the point. The reality is that we have at disposal amazing resources, pollution free and due to various economic interests the focus in many markets is still on the conventional ways to produce electricity. One of the other interesting points in the book – and will come back with more details during the week is related to bio fuels started to be tested by various airlines. Still kerosene is the main fuel for planes but there are huge steps already made and of course many more still to be made until the planes will be able to fly using only bio fuels. Amazing times to come. For more details about Richard Branson’s book Like a Virgin, click here.

Isle of Man after the rain
Isle of Man after the rain

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